Thai Surrealism : The Art of Somphong Adulyasaraphan

Finding Happiness
Deep Beauty in a Nook and Hinterland Trekking.

The world as it once was has been destroyed at the hands of humankind.

To evade this horror, this is a dream of the purest of imagined kingdoms with unspoiled forest, crystal lakes, and verdant fauna.

Under the Sea
Imaginations dwelling in the depths of the sea.

The Artist imagines a dwelling in the depths of the sea. Close inspection reveals that the house is moving under its own powers and has fins to help propel it through the water.

He opted to paint a house in a bring deep perched on odd stilts a kin to the spindly legs of crabs.

Headlong Hurtle Across the Wide World
In Defence of Forests and Loving the Land in Return for Its Love.

The skeletons of the wild boar, dog, crow and lizard are symbolic of the destruction and damage caused by the actions of an ignorant and avaricious society. In essence, destroying nature is the same as destroying one's own life.

The Artist imagine of a new world that is aborning Phoenix-like from the ashes and debris of the old one. This new world emerges in pristine form from a world egg in the very process of hatching.

New World New Hope
Extending blessings to both the endangered world and an emerging new generation.

The Artist detached from the old world to the new hope, the imagination lead him to the dreamland where colorful and lively. Performances by fancy model with a gorgeous figure.

We find a female figure depicted much as others depicted by the artist through the years. The figure has the body of a buxom human female with the head of animal.

Credits: Story

Somphong Adulyasaraphan.
Transcending Thai Surrealism: The Art of Somphong Adulyasaraphan.--Bangkok : MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art, 2013.

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