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The Liszt Academy established by Liszt Ferenc in 1875 is a renowned institution of international music higher education. With the recent inauguration of its highly modern educational centre named after György Ligeti and the completion, in 2013, of the main building after a reconstruction project lasting three years, the institution has regained all its original Art Nouveau splendour and has been outfitted with 21st century technology.

The rebirth of Liszt Academy also meant that the institution emerged as an independent concert organizer first time in its history. The fundamentals of the new programming policy are shaped by the acoustics of the Grand Hall which mediates the sonority of symphonic orchestra with crystal clarity but also reveals the most intimate detailing of solo and chamber concerts.

The Concert Centre’s unique programme structure is supported by cutting edge communications, a brand new Red Dot Award-winner corporate identity, publications portfolio, homepage and individual media content development coordinated by Mr Imre Szabó Stein, Director of Communications, Marketing and Media Contents Development and the new Communications Directorate.

Rebirth of Liszt Academy's Image

"Patina and progress: it is my opinion that the tension between these two can create new openings in the musical world. Born of considered love came, amongst many others, the new logo, the image pointing from the past to the future; the new website; the charm of the evening programme sheets inspired by book graphics; the Puritanism of the monthly programme schedule featuring insider insights; and the Concert Magazine, which is a shared favourite of my excellent team and music historian Gergely Fazekas, the editor, and which can hold its head high amongst other publications in the genre."

Imre Szabó Stein, Director of Communications, Marketing and Media Contents Development

The Liszt Academy Concert Centre and its Cultural Directorate has produced an impressive number of events. The Centre played host to more than 1000 concerts and events in 2014, including self-organised concerts, joint concerts with other institutions, resident orchestra programmes, and several diploma concerts, in addition to other university events.

The most outstanding students and professors of the Academy are given the opportunity to play in promoted concert series, providing an elite display of the work of the Academy’s departments. A new office has opened with the objective of managing young talent as pilot impresario.

World stars who have performed at the Liszt Academy since the reopening, not to name them all, Brad Mehldau, Mikhail Pletnev, Steve Reich, Alexei Volodin, Isabelle Faust, Evgeni Koroliov, David Fray, Pinchas Zukerman, Thomas Hengelbrock, Kathia Buniatishvili, Gennady Rozhdestvensky, Joshua Bell, Steven Isserlis and Chick Corea were unanimous in their fervent enthusiasm for the unique atmosphere of Liszt Academy.

Liszt Academy Concert Centre Image Spot - Lisztery

The primary target audience of the spot is young people and youthful culture consumers who as an integral part of their lifestyle no longer go/have not yet been to classical music concerts, yet are open to new and original experiences. Another important objective we set ourselves was that the clip should be suitably universal i.e. it should also be comprehensible for foreign audiences since in spring 2015 the Liszt Academy message is being broadcast not only to domestic TV viewers but BBC and MEZZO audiences as well.

Creative Producer: Imre Szabó Stein
Director: Dávid Géczy
Director of Photography: Balázs Dobóczy
Music: Bence Kutrik
Story by: Imre Szabó Stein, Róbert Gács
Editor: Balázs Hatvani
Production Assistant: Sára Szentmiklósi, Dániel Végh
Production company: Cinelabyrinth – Balázs Hatvani, Gábor Mengyi
1st Assistant: Ildikó Palovits
Color Grading: Amego Film – Levente Kiss
Recording Producer: Klaudia Könyves
Balance Engineer: Gergely Lakatos, Kálmán Melha
Music Consultant: Balázs Horváth


László Váradi (piano)
Makiko Yoshida (soprano)
Anastasia Razvalyaeva (harp)
Miklós Környei (guitar)
Dániel Szabó (cimbalom)
Judit Rozsnyói (violin)
Máté Vizeli (viola)
Eszter Karasszon (violoncello)
Ernő Bodoczki (double bass)
Máté Bán (flute)
Norbert Czeilinger (bass trombone)
Helga Kiss, Gyula Lajhó, Dániel Janca (percussion)

Showing the other side of the Liszt Academy, the 22-second spot, taking an innovative approach to the subject, encapsulates the profound heritage of the Liszt Academy founded by Ferenc Liszt 140 years ago. The concept takes as its starting point the visual existence of music: the emblematic facade of the main building on Liszt Ferenc Square is created out of notes on music paper. The spot was produced by the Liszt Academy’s communications directorate headed by Imre Szabó Stein, creative production tasks were handled by Allison Advertising and BPAnimation (director: Iván zsolt Varga) studio was commissioned with production. Calligraphy is the work of graphic artist Boglárka Nádi, with background music being an excerpt from Ferenc Liszt’s Un sospiro performed by Gergely Bogányi.

The ticket office of the Liszt Academy Concert Centre operates adjacent to the main entrance of Liszt Academy at Liszt Ferenc tér 8.

Ticket office general opening times:
10 am – 6 pm Monday-Sunday.

Besides general opening times the ticket office will also be open during concerts, from the hour preceding the start of the performance until the end of the first interval.
Staff of the ticket office will be pleased to help if you have any questions concerning Liszt Academy Concert Centre tickets.

Ticket office contact details:
Phone.: +36 1 321 0690

Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music
H-1061 Budapest Liszt Ferenc tér 8.
Phone (central nr.): +36 1 462 4600

Credits: Story

Editor in chief: Imre Szabó Stein

Managing Editors: Linda Buczkó, Zsuzsanna Könyves-Tóth

Also Collaborated: Dorina Gyurkócza, Péter Lorenz, Dániel Végh

Credits: All media
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