Plaza Walls: Season 1

Oklahoma Mural Syndicate

Throughout the first season, artists continued to paint large murals every month, debuting on the Second Friday Art walks of the Plaza District. Momentum and awareness exploded as the season progressed and Plaza Walls hosted the first Mural Expo.

Dusty Gilpin paid an homage to Cuz (right) and Domingo (middle), two staple characters who define The Plaza District with their kindness and dedication to spreading positivity to district patrons.

Inaugural Mural Expo
In September of 2016, Plaza Walls debuted the Mural Expo, an exhibition of live art and murals painted by 20 regional artists from Oklahoma, New Mexico and Missouri.

Artist Jake Beeson starts with a big yellow sketch.

Artist Sean Vali at work.

Artists Dylan Bradway and Sean Vali collaborate on a shared wall, pictured here as they review their sketches.

Mural Expo Attendees Get Inspired
An independent artist works on a personal project amongst the courtyard of the Expo.

Graffiti was a crucial element of the Mural Expo as seen here painted by Chris Sker from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

"Slomoe" - Bright colors and abstract graffiti letters by Jake Vega.

Denise Duong starts on her wall, which comes with many obstacles to camouflage.

Tessa Raven works on her mural next to an almost finished piece by Zuawe.

Activism With Public Art
Artist Yatika Fields paints a masterpiece, drawing attention to the fight over clean water with the Dakota Pipeline standoff. #NODAPL

Artists in action at the Mural Expo.

Artists painted as 25,000 festival attendees looked on.
Hundreds of spectators gathered to watch Yeehaw Pizza paint his legendary mutated Simpson's characters.

Cassie Stover wowed the spectators with the imagination to use what was there, turning pipes and conduit into a cage of rats.

Aaron Whisner paints his signature "mash-up" style with an eye for contrast and lettering.

Masters of lettering, Ashley Dawn and Tanner Frady, pay an homage to their dog whom they found running around the Plaza District, dubbing him the "Original Plaza Animal."

A Highlight of the Expo
A crowd favorite, artist Jason Pawley added to his mural as spectators took in the inspirational image of the hawk flying over the plateaus of Northwest Oklahoma.
A New Addition to the Project
In March of 2017, Oklahoma Mural Syndicate invites Wiley Robertson, a popular street artist from Houston, TX, to paint a new public-facing wall located at 16th & Gatewood.
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The Plaza Walls Mural Project is a curated, rotating mural exhibition in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City, managed and curated by The Oklahoma Mural Syndicate. The project was launched in September 2015 with approval by the Oklahoma City Arts Commission and Urban Design Commission in an effort to feature spontaneous murals in Oklahoma City.

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