Nov 29, 2014 - Mar 22, 2015

Collage Art - Weaving Stories Blending Images 

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art

After many years of efforts to reproduce objects with complete fidelity bore fruit in painting and photography, contemporary art can be said to be a product of the times that is manifested by the anguish of artists who question what art should do now. Contemporary art thus represents the ideas and anguish of artists using a rich variety of materials and expressive methods.


Contemporary art has led to the invention of techniques of great diversity based on flexible creativity, going beyond material and genre. Examples of this are papier colle in which paper is glued to a flat mount, collage in which a work of art is created by gluing various objects including paper to a piece of paper or canvas, assemblage that develops collage in three-dimensional compositions by piecing together found objects, and montage in which a series of short shots are edited into a sequence to condense space and time.


The artist’s creation of artworks bears a resemblance to the process of human development and cultural evolution. That’s why weaving ideas and making them into concrete objects involves the creative process.


The exhibition Collage Art-Weaving Stories, Blending Images is hoped to be an opportunity for viewers to rediscover the diverse production methods of contemporary art and to consider their own faculty to create. Through the exhibition, you are expected to discover the creativity we all have and the potential to reveal such creativity if any momentum is provided.

Yang Haegue, Kim Dongyoo, Kim Myungjin
Koo Bohnchang, Hong Sungdo
Lee Leenam, Jeon Joonho
Gwon Osang, Won Seoungwon
Yoon Jeongwon, Im Sangbin
Oh Yongseok
Bae Younghwan, Kwak Duckjun
Park Yongseok, Kang Ikjoong, Kang Honggoo, Ham Kyungah
Kim Hyunsook, Koo Seongyoun, Yoon Jeongmee
Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
Credits: Story

Curator|Hwang Rockjoo
Exhibition in Charge|Park Uchan(Chief Curator)
Designer|Jang Hyojin
Education|Cho Hyejung, Son Hyejoo
Curatorial Supports|Kim Jihee, Choi Kiyoung, Jeon Jiyoung, Lee Jinsil
Administrative Supports|Park Jonggang(Senior Manager, Business Planning Team), Han Changgyu, Chae Jungmin, Jung Seunghee, Lee Laesu
Technicians|Sin Unsu(Head of Maintenance Team), Joo Namkyu, Cho Manhung, Kim Kyungwook, Kim Jungyun, Im Ungsun, Han Jongkook
Education Instructor|Jang Jeeyoung, Jung Jihye, Lee Younji, Jang Saemi
Curatorial Assistant|Han Chungwon, Noh Haena
Docent|Kim Yesol, Park Junghee, Lee Sunhyung, Jeon Hyegyeong, Pyeon Ahreum, Suh Joohee
Volunteer|Kwon Eunhye, Kim Eunhee, Kim Jeonghee, Bok Areum, Yoon Miyoug, Yoon Jungshin, Lee Hyunduck
Intern| Han Sangeun

Exhibition Space Construction|Gyeonggi Total Interior
Transport and Installation|Artplus
PR Signs|Yein Total Sign System
Video Equipment|Park Keunsoo
Photograph|Park Junsik
Leaflet Design & Print|Jaewoo Communication

Exhibition Organized by|Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation
Exhibition Principal Boiler by|Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art

Credits: All media
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