An exhibition by Andrea Cammarosano, MoMu Award winner 2008

The recipient of the 2008 MoMu Award was Andrea Cammarosano (°1985, Trieste, Italy).

His collections for the third Bachelor level and the first Master level were presented as part of an exhibition entitled `CRAZYSSIMO.COM´.

For these collections, Cammarosano was inspired by evolution.

He refers to both collections as serenades, `Serenada por Neanderthal´ and `Serenada moleCULare´, or declarations of love for the incredible creativity of nature and mankind’s inexhaustible power of imagination.

Inspired by the structure of the Mendeljev Periodic Table, which arranges all the elements based on chemical and physical characteristics, Andrea Cammarosano has paid an inimitable tribute to metamorphosis and the potential to create.

In the same way that a blank sheet of paper can change into a drawing, simply with the help of pencils and our own inspiration, …

... so too can our potential to explore be endless and unbounded.

Andrea Cammarosano:

“Of course, you must have thought many times, ‘How happy a chance we have had, to evolve from primordial species into the gorgeous kinds of babes that we are today.’ …

Things are not that simple, however.…

… In nature, many different patterns led the various beings to crazy behaviour, …

… be they animated creatures or just silly minerals …

… but wait a minute, did I just say silly?!

Well, this is our planet, and many interesting things happen down here. So no wonder it is such a CRAZYISSIMO place!”

After graduating, Andrea Cammarosano worked as assistant designer for Walter Van Beirendonck, before launching an eponymous menswear collection under his name.

He also participated in exhibitions and artistic residencies at the Museumsquartier in Vienna and at the Rijksacademy in Amsterdam, and is a design lecturer at Polimoda Institute in Florence.

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Every year, MoMu awards a prize to one of the graduating Master students of the Fashion Department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp: originality, a strong visual language and craftsmanship are key ingredients for a collection to win a prize.

The MoMu Award gives a single student the opportunity to present his or her collection in an exhibition at the MoMu Gallery.

Special thanks to Andrea Cammarosano, Ronald Stoops and Etienne Tordoir.

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