2014 - 2017

Lette Verein: Life Drawing

Lette Verein Berlin

Join the drawing classes of Lette Verein fashion design students and enjoy how they illustrate fashion on life models.

Life Drawing
Have a look at the spacious drawing room at Lette Verein and watch the students draw garments draped on two dress forms. For the lessons the easels are usually arranged around a low pedestal, presenting the objects or life models in selected outfits.   

Each student works at an easel and is allowed to move in the room and arrange it to find the most suitable drawing perspective.

Students are taught in life drawing throughout their three year education. In these lessons, they learn how to compose and draw male and female life models in different poses and different types of clothing.

By starting with basic drawing exercises and moving on to artistic studies in different materials, the students develop their very personal drawing style. This is a solid starting point for using these skills when illustrating their fashion ideas in a contemporary and edgy look!

This is a typical set of drawing material, like lead pencils, charcoal, water colours, acrylic colours, markers etc.

Alma sketching different hand positions.

Besides students who are encouraged to pose for each other, Irène and Stefan are two of the favourite life models who are frequently booked by the lecturers. Both have become very familiar with the students and assist very professionally in choosing fashionable clothing combinations and finding interesting fashion poses for the students to draw.

Let's check out some of the amazing drawings by students of Lette Verein, beginning with this one of Irène in a pleated cape and long dress by Anand Amalganbaatar.

Have a look at our model Stefan in tulle ...

... or in an oversized jumper.

This expressive drawing of him in a white long john and wrapped scarf was made by Amar Amgalanbaatar.

The student Sophia Schünemann created this amazing piece of a woman with a hat sitting on a chair ...

... and she also mode this one, showing a man in a suit.

Various techniques are used for the drawings, such as wax crayons, ...

... gel pencil, ...

... pencil, ...

... watercolor pencils and ink, ...

... lead and colored pencils, ...

... as well as watercolors.

Lette Verein
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Lette Verein
Carolin Adam Lena
Natalia Adamoswka
Amar Amgalanbaatar
Anand Amgalanbaatar
Zacharenia Aplada
Alexander Arnold
Jeannine Aschekowsky
Lena Beck
Valeriia Bereka
Rachel Bobinger
Frederik Britzlmair
Jonna Carstensen
Mona Dickgreber
Josefine Fenski
Leonie Grebe
Paula Maj Hamann
Aurelia Haupt
Vincent Hüdepohl
Samantha Lochmann Pastor
Sarah Meyer
Jaqueline Ostermann
Stefanie Puchstein
Ute Rathmann
Anastasia Ross
Alma Rothacker
Sophia Schünemann
Tamika Threatt
Martina Vogt
Rosa Willert
Sariah Kim Ziegner

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