The Kingdom of Tsang Tsou-choi

Art Research Institute

A tour through the lands of the King of Kowloon

In Central, Tsang Tsou-choi's brush struck deeply at Hong Kong's elite. He targeted the suited soldiers of the district, its corridors of power, and even the doorstep of the famed Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, Hong Kong's beating financial heart.

The British colony's treasure horde in Lord Norman Foster's iconic HSBC building,

Through the glass canyons, a view of famed architect I.M. Pei's signature Bank of China.

Lacking nerve, local guardsmen decline to challenge the powerful King.

A triumphant Tsang vanquishes his enemy, their castle laying in the background.

A short ferry ride across the harbour, Tsim Sha Tsui drew peasants from around the world to view Hong Kong's perfect skyline. Wielding his brushes, Tsang Tsou-choi slashed the columns of the Star Ferry and the electrical boxes fortifying the famed Peninsula Hotel.

An electrical box falls in defeat as the Hong Kong Space Museum looks helplessly on.

Tsang duels the old queen Peninsula, Hong Kong's monument luxury hotel.

If Hong Kong was his kingdom, then surely Kwun Tong was its throne room. Tsang Tsou-choi lived in Kwun Tong for many years. From its alleys to its temples, Tsang was this rough-edged district's guardian of the realm.

Tsang issues a warning to those who would dare invade.

Tsang commandeers every surface and message in service to his crusade.

Tsang flies his crest from the castle's ramparts.

Tsang's brush cut deep, leaving scars and traces long after the wounds had healed.

His victories complete, his dominion secure, the King returns home on his trusty steed.

Art Research Institute, Hong Kong
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