2015 PAMS Choice - Music

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Performing Arts Market in Seoul is an annual global performing arts platform primarily pursues international distribution channel for the Korea’s performing arts to the world. PAMS Choice is a program introducing selected exceptional works of performing arts. 

'Baraji' is a pure Korean word that refers to the heartfelt care given to a person through unconditional support. In Korean traditional music, baraji refers to impromptu singing by accompanists, adding harmony to the lead vocal and enhancing the color of the music. The Baraji music group was born to pay homage to baraji and to share the beauty of baraji with the world. 'Baraji' strives to identify the elements that impact and interact with contemporary audiences. These elements often exist within various genres of traditional music, including vocal, percussion, instrumental and theatrical music.  

Beasohn - Baraji

Embrace today with the dignity and thrill of Korean traditional music!

It has long been a tradition for mothers in Korea to pray to the gods for their families’ well-being, offering a bowl of fresh water as ritual food.
“May flowers bloom from our precious family’s footprints and sweet scents radiate from their words. May we be as pure as cool water and always take the straight and narrow path”.
How wonderful would it be if everyone lived with the hearts of our mothers. Baraji wants to portray a mother’s never-ending love and devotion with baraji music. We want to extend a mother’s love for her family to those who are weary and burdened from this world, so that they may be comforted.

SE:UM started based on the idea that artists build the foundation for their own creative activities and make their own path towards artistic inspiration and manifestation. With a focus on music, SE:UM has expanded its boundaries of production collaborating with film, photography and various media, and has actively developed and presented diverse content. Ultimately, SE:UM aims to pioneer a new genre through cross-genre creative collaboration. While busy presenting stage productions, SE:UM has also released three albums, and their self-titled debut album was nominated in two categories for the 2015 Korean Music Awards.

Korean Breath - SE:UM

The rhythm of Korea embraces the music of the world. Korean Breath.

Based on the rhythm of Korean music, Korean Breath presents an improvisation of both jazz and Korean traditional music. It projects the traditional idea of ‘breath’ as a musical element. While retaining the existing improvisational aspect of the group, in Korean Breath, SE:UM attempts diverse variations upon the refined composition and musical texture.

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