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Andalusia, in the south of Spain, is the region with the highest number of inhabitants and the second in extension. A rich and diverse landscape, a mild weather, good beaches and the hospitable nature of the people there have made it become one of the most attractive regions for tourism ever since the 19th century.

Andalusia, an open land
In the south of Spain, washed by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, neighbor to Castile and Murcia, Extremadura and Portugal, is Andalusia one of the most complete and attractive destinations worldwide. The region has always been one of the most emblematic places of Spain and claims to be one of the favorites for tourism. The open personality of it’s people, the rich historical, artistic and cultural heritage, the weather, the many beaches, the gastronomy, the cities and towns are attractive points for tourism. Andalusia is a land of welcome. Every year many visitors go there. That’s why it’s one of the main destinations in Spain. And each year more repeat. Excellence, quality and innovation direct it’s tourist wager. Because Andalusia is a movie destination, and therefore, it’s appointment has never been missed by great actors that range from Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles to Sean Connery or Brigitte Bardot.
Andalusia has been a privileged witness and elected destination for hundreds of celebrities in every epoch. From Washington Irving’s stay in the Alhambra, in Granada, in the 19th century, continuing the visits of the European Royalties in the 1920’s last century, to the arrival of the most unique people to observe it’s lands and folks, this community has become a land of explorers. To live experiences and enjoy a mild weather, an exceptional nature and cities, in which, beside the historical heritage, permeates the homely hospitality, and the open personality of their people has made of Andalusia a place for adventure, visit and reunion. Today the internet visitor becomes somehow in the explorer of yore and from this gallery he may appreciate the wealth of the Andalusian culture.

Queen Victoria Eugenia and a group of Friends travel, riding in a quaint tracked vehicle, by the surroundings of the marshes of Doñana in Huelva

King Gustaf V of Sweden during his visit to the Alhambra.

Jacqueline Bouvier (r) better known as Jacqueline Kennedy, during her visit to the city of Córdoba.

American actress Ava Gardner dressed with the typical gipsy dress, rides a carriage through el real de la feria of the April Fair in Seville.

British singer John Lennon, member of the musical group “The Beatles”, plays cricket during the filming in the desert of Almeria the movie “How I won the war”, directed by Richard Lester.

Filmmaker Orson Welles (r) walks by the Real de la feria with Count de la Maza

The band “Los Lucena” perform in a makeshift tablao flamenco, placed on a small boat in the town of Torremolinos in Málaga.

Actors and Celebrities
The world of Filmmaking and Celebrities have their starring role in the Andalusian tourism. Entertainment stars and politicians have come to the South to live in first person their “Andalusian movie”. Many of them fell in love with this land to the point of becoming their ambassadors. Evidence of it are the next photographs, like Ava Gardner dressed as a gipsy in a carriage in the 1950 April Fair. Rita Hayworth in a Tablao in Seville; Filmmaker Orson Welles walking by the April Fair; John Lennon playing cricket in the desert of Almería; president Clinton watching with King Juan Carlos the Alhambra skyline from el Albaicín or first lady Michelle Obama discovering Ronda (Malaga). Many celebrities have been witness of the beauty of this land, that, far from being a static picture, it keeps reinventing itself offering every day a new surprise to the visitor.

Princes Rainiero and Grace of Monaco visit el Real of the Seville Fair

American actress Rita Hayworth learns to play the castanets, while count of Villapadierna (r) is on the guitar during their visit to a tablao flamenco.

American actress Esther Williams drinks a toast with dancer from Jerez Terremoto, with retired matador Juan Belmonte (2l), during the flamenco festivity celebrated in a winery of this city.

American senator Edward Kennedy and his wife Joan Bennet, watch one the Seville Easter processions, from their place at the municipal stand in the San Francisco Square.

Actress Raquel Welch dances in a typical tavern of the Costa del Sol during a break in the filming of the movie “Fathom”.

Italian actress Claudia Cardinale helps in the charity collection for the fight against cancer in Almería.

Actors Brigitte Bardot (r) and Sean Connery, during the filming of the movie “Shalako”, of director Edward Dmytryk in Almería.

American actor Kirk Douglas sings in a bar from Marbella, during a night out with friends.

Actor Sean Connery (l) and Spanish golf player Miguel Ángel Jiménez (r), during the PRO-AM of the Turespaña Masters Andalusia Open

American actor Charlton Heston poses with the Giralda behind during a visit to the capital of Seville.

American singer Madonna, during a break in the filming of a music video in Ronda

American film director Steven Spielberg visits the Court of the Lions in the Alhambra, in Granada, during his search for locations for external shots for the third sequel of Indiana Jones.

King Juan Carlos explains president of the United States, Bill Clinton, one of the views of the city of Granada from the vantage point of San Nicolás in the Albayzín.

English singer Rod Stewart and his couple walk by Marbella during their holidays

Irish actor, Pierce Brosnan walks by the Castillo beach of San Fernando, in Cádiz, during the filming of the new sequel of James Bond Agent 007 “Die Another Day”.

Director Ridley Scott (r) and the actors starring in the movie “The Kingdom of Heaven”, Liam Neeson (l) and Orlando Bloom (c), attend a welcoming organized by the Palma del Rio town hall, after the second day filming in that town from Cordova

American actor Adrien Brody and Spanish actress Penélope Cruz, during the filming of the movie “Manolete” in the Cádiz beach of La Caleta

Actress Geraldine Chaplin, after receiving her tribute prize “Almería Tierra de Cine”, in the VII International Festival of Short Films “Almería en Corto”.

American First Lady Michelle Obama (c-mid), and her small daughter, Shasa (l, foreground), visit the Ronda bullfighting ring during their holidays in Málaga

The Prince of Wales and his wife, the Duchesse of Cornwall, who covers herself with a parasol, during their walk by the gardens of the Real Alcázar of Seville.

Spanish actor Antonio Banderas poses with his fans at his arrival to the closing ceremony of the XIV edition of the Spanish Cinema Festival in Málaga.

Scottish guitar player, David Russell, in a concert he offered in the Patio de los Arrayanes of the Alhambra, as was programmed by the International Dance and Music Festival in Granada.

Crown Prince of Japan, Naruhito(2ndr), with dancers Cristina Hoyos (3rdr) and Matilde Coral (r), among others, enjoys a display in the Baile Flamenco Museum in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz in Seville.

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