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Land of Olive Groves and Art
‘Art cannot change the whole world’ – said the Croatian director Jakov Sedlar, author of a bold film that takes the story of Anne Frank to the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip. ‘But – he continued – we can help to understand it a bit more.’

Maya Israel - Flow (2013)

This is a statement I would like to make my own in introducing this Imago Mundi catalogue dedicated to Israel, which brings together more than 160 works by both Israeli artists and a group of Palestinian Israeli artists.

Gil Yefman - From One To None (2013)

Pnina Reichman - Refusal (2013)

In a country where contradictory identities, hopes and dreams, violent clashes and fragile truces coexist, the force of an authentic and thriving cultural laboratory can be seen and felt. An artistic vitality that is on a par with the great world capitals, aware of its own potential: of what culture can do to help to heal wounds.

Zohar Gotesman - Sanctum Preputium (2013)

Elsa Ers Brosh - The Patriarch (2013)

Art can alleviate pain’, says Israeli artist Menashe Kadishman. I would add it can act as a bridge: between men and their feelings, between despair and hope, between the past and the future, particularly where the on-going and historic interweaving of different cultures and stories creates a compelling
artistic mix.

Zvika Kantor - God Almighty (2012)

Ravit Mishli - Ashtray (2013)

Tel Aviv is a good example, the ‘White City’, whose Bauhaus architecture has earned it the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cultural and economic capital of the country, which celebrated its centenary in 2009, has more than four thousand buildings designed between 1931 and 1956 by the architects of the movement founded by Walter Gropius, who trained in Europe and emigrated to Israel, complementing the city’s eclectic and oriental style with more modern and western forms of expression.

Jenifer Bar Lev - United Colors Of Death (2013)

Ariela Plotkin - Untitled (2013)

The presence of the Silicon Wadi, the area with the highest concentration of activities related to the new economy and telecommunications, highlights its modern and cosmopolitan character. Today, like in New York, Berlin or Milan, the paintings of young artists on the walls of the suburbs bring colour to the image of the city.

Anat Betzer - The One? (2013)

Raafat Hattab - One (2013)

In Jerusalem, meanwhile, Anish Kapoor’s huge hourglass welcomes visitors from around the world to the new Israel Museum. In the Shrine of the Book, which resembles the domed lid of a jar, a number of the Dead Sea Scrolls are preserved, the oldest biblical manuscripts in the world. And in the Billy Rose Art Garden, the sculpture park on the west side of the museum, sculptures by Rodin, Calder, Moore and Picasso can be admired.

Lea Avital - Untitled (2014)

Yair Garbuz - Old Masters (2013)

A few kilometres from Tel Aviv, lies the Design Museum Holon created by Ron Arad, with its naturally red Italian oxidized steel shining in the Israeli sun. Amid the sinuous spiral ramps and large rooms that host international exhibitions, the objective of the training and education of the new generations is unmistakable. Through painting, design, architecture, photography, installations, video - in a word, art - Israel faces the world and reflects on itself in order to reinvent the future of a country that is both rooted in history and projected toward tomorrow.

Ashraf Fawakhry - Tayara Haramiyi (Title Of A Traditional Children's Song: Planes & Thieves (2012)

Ella Amitay Sadovsky - Minute Flower Arrangement (2013)

After the mass persecution of Jews in Europe and the Holocaust, the Israelis have built not only a new state but a new way of living together in a natural landscape that is arid but full of potential, strong ideas, hope.

Durar Bacri - Northern Landscape (2014)

Today, Israel is a young country with a three thousand year history, which through work, research and development has been able to render its lands as fertile as its ideas, its aspirations, its vision and its imagination.

Khetam Heby - Between My Roots (2013)

This Imago Mundi collection is an opportunity to acknowledge the originality and the value of the Israeli culture and its artistic production. It demonstrates how this dusty, disputed land, where olive groves have always grown, is also filling with the colours of art.

Gilad Efrat - Ape (2013)

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