Apr 27, 2015 - Jun 7, 2015

Performance Icons

Performance Biennale - BP.15, Argentina.

Two women, one serbian , the other argentinian , both pioneers of performances, were part of BP.15

"Abramović Method"
The artist developed the Abramović Method to give the public the opportunity to be free from the constant distractions of our modern world and to be quiet and connected with the present moment. The exercises presented during this workshop were part of the Abramović Method. Participants were able to stay in the space for as long as they want, in order to be with themselves and experience the calmness and the rare feeling of being free from responsibility.

During this workshop, the public is invited to abandon modern-day distractions and explore the boundaries of body and mind.

Exercises included “Counting the Rice"

Slow Motion Walk

Participants should turn off their mobile devices and enter an immersive environment

Marina Abramovic participated during the two-day workshop

Another exercise: “Looking at the Colors"

Exercise: "Counting Rice"

Marta Minujin / "Find your match"
Marta's Minujin performance started with an app through a series of questions inviting the audience to find their soul mates and concluding with an encounter at the Puente de la Mujer (Woman's Bridge) in Puerto Madero, on which the artist droped thousands of flower petals from a helicopter.

This performance started with the downloading of an app whereby participants were invited to answer 5 questions which determined the color of their souls. color (a Marta's Minujín painting)

Participants were later invited to the Puente de la Mujer dressed in white, with their cellphone and a mirror to reflect their twin soul.

Marta Minujín broke into the scene on a white helicopter, from where she threw thousands of flower petals, flooding the bridge with colors and scents.

A drone took pictures of the performance that simultaneously “flooded” the webpages of some of the world’s museums.

Performance Biennale -BP.15 Argentina
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Performance Biennale - BP.15, Argentina.

April 27 to June 7, 2015



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