Ivaneide Bandeira, the "Neidinha"

Ivaneide was born in Acre on June 17, 1959. A year later, her father tried to make a living in the rubber ranch Ricardo Franco and the whole family moved to Rondônia. Neidinha grew up in the forest and has dedicated her life to protect her home, the Amazon.
At the age of six, she was with her mother washing clothes on the Jaci River and saw naked men painted in red, they were the Uru-eu-wau-wau Indians. Frightened, both rushed home.
Far from the city, Neidinha was literate by her mother with American western books. Literature has given rise to revolt and indignation: why did the Indians always die in the stories? But she also sowed sensitivity, which made her write poetry and to be even more connect with nature.
Once an adult, after a time working at FUNAI, Ivaneide decided to follow her own trail and in 1992 created Kanindé, an organization to defend the Amazon Rainforest and indigenous peoples. Work of the destiny or the forest gods, the first works happened with the Uru-eu-wau-wau, the same ethnicity that had sighted as a child.
As an indigenous warrior, Kanindé grew strong and ran through the forest. In addition to Rondônia, the organization also started working with groups from other regions, such as the Juma from Amazonas, the Zoró from Mato Grosso, the Wai wai from Pará, etc. Since its birth, the entity has already carried out projects with more than 60 ethnic groups.

Neidinha at the beginning of the contact of the Akuntsu and Kanoê people with the white man.

The chief Catarino Gavião teaching a song in Tupi-Mondé to Ivaneide.

Ivaneide flying over the Amazon Rainforest to monitor deforestation, forest fires and invasions.

Neidinha with the Paiter Suruí children in the Lapetanha tribe.

With firm attitude and good heart, Neidinha is a sensitive and affectionate warrior. For the Indians she is a friend, counselor and even mother.

But for all those who destroy the forest, she is an enemy. Ivaneide has already suffered countless death threats by gold miners, illegal loggers and invaders. For a time, the situation was so critical that her whole family had to be escorted by the Federal Police. However, the fight never stopped. Today, almost 60 years old, Neidinha still enters the woods and walks for hours with the Indians to expel invaders from their lands.
In addition, she is responsible for several projects and also for seeking new partners and funders for sustainable activities in the tribes. Ivaneide struggles to keep the forest alive, to defend the rights of indigenous peoples, to seek income-generating opportunities for them, and to ensure that they receive quality education.

Therefore, the "Guardian of the Forest" is now seeking to build an Indigenous University in Rondônia. Although the battle is hard and even if the forest is diminishing, Neidinha never stops fighting and her dreams only get bigger.

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