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Akte one has become one of the most established representatives of the graffiti scene. Like many young people, his artistic career has been formed by the quest for an own identity.Gradually, he discovered a world that at first was mysterious and secretive to him, the world of his own pictures and tags that has been holding him in its spell until today. Akte brings in much of his feelings to his work, also their conversions. Though this does not change the handwriting that always remains recognizable. The script always matters greatly to him and it is in some way his "alter ego“, by which he wants to communicate and inspire others.His work lives above all by the forms, depth, individuality, and also his coulour canon, and aims at taking the observer into his world and inspire them to dream.Akte one always remains the authentic graffiti artist, on the wall, on canvas and in his mixed media work, who develops the urban expression and the characteristics of graffiti writing and who will certainly surprise us with more work worth seeing.

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Der vorgestellte Beitrag wurde möglicherweise von einem unabhängigen Dritten erstellt und spiegelt nicht zwangsläufig die Ansichten der unten angegebenen Institutionen wider, die die Inhalte bereitgestellt haben.
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