A look over Castulo (360-3D)

Conjunto Arqueológico de Cástulo

Fly over the Archaeological Site of Castulo and know some of its archaeological landmarks in this 360º-3D virtual reality experience

After its abandonment and demolition in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the ancient city of Castulo passed to private owners who reoccupied the site with cereal fields and olive groves. In 1972 the State expropriated the land on which stood Castulo, becoming public property and starting a new stage in which the various investigations have allowed to know and recover traces of its glorious past.

Since 2011 the city of Castulo and the Archaeological Museum of Linares are Archaeological Ensemble, with an protected area of 3,238 hectares declared of Cultural Interest.

Fly through the virtual reality on the territory of the historic city and know some of its archaeological landmarks.

On normal devices (computer, smartphone or tablet) you can view the film as a 360° movie (remember to pan around).

If you have a smartphone with Cardboard or any other VR headsets, you can view the video in an immersive 3D experience...
(Use headphones to enjoy a better experience).

Fly over Castulo!

Conjunto Arqueológico de Cástulo
Credits: Story

A look over Castulo (360-3D)

Conjunto Arqueológico de Cástulo, Linares (Jaén)
Consejería de Cultura de la Junta de Andalucía

Curated by Francisco Arias de Haro and Marcelo Castro López.
Texts: Francisco Arias de Haro y Marcelo Castro López.
Photography: Francisco Arias de Haro.
Infographic: esTRESd Patrimonio Virtual.
Digital layout: Francisco Arias de Haro.

Archaeological Ensemble of Cástulo.

Credits: All media
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