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Bunka Fashion Graduate University Fashion Week (BFGU FW) is held in early February every year, and had its 10th last year. During BFGU FW, collection shows, exhibitions and research presentations are held, allowing the BFGU students to publish their graduate project research with the aim of proposing new viewpoints of the fashion business to the fashion industry and utilizing the results for the future fashion industry and fashion education. The event attracts large audiences (around 4,000 visitors in FY 2017), including people involved in the fashion business and journalists. It is also reported significantly by the media, attracting a great deal of attention from the fashion industry. As a result, this event not only provides an occasion for the BFGU students to publish their research, but also concurrently offers an excellent opportunity to make connections with the fashion industry and seize success.
#1 "VIBES"
Keyword: Repulsion for group pressure. Resistance to peace. Contradiction beauty. VIBES means a shock to shake the feelings of a person and sensible reactions. Swimsuits & lingerie with strength letting you feel such senses are introduced.
#2 "Mountain Waltz"
There are beauties in which animals survive in rough mountains, and an eggshell, which is symbolized a life. My works are inspired by a combination of those two factors. This design represents a shell that protects oneself, and the concept of my design is a woman living a powerful life in a harsh environment.
#3 "TABOO"
What I am trying to do is connecting two different objects, which have completely opposite meanings with no reason. I create shapes of clothes by not following standard rules or twisting standard patterns. The color and prints express beauty in uncommon sense.
#4 "invisible entrance"
I got inspirations from the children's literature in Finland, "IHMISEN VAATTEISSA". The pelican that adores the human being sneaks into the human world by imitating humans. Are the people you pass each other every day are real human beings? Perhaps the pelican in human clothing may be mixed in those.
#5 "Infite Possibilities"
Clothes have every possibility. For this collection, I used various special materials and had fun creating pieces. Mainly, I used materials available in home improvement centers and stainless steel mesh to show originality and completed interesting designs. Making clothes is like an adventure for me.
#6 "marumaro."
If we see things through the filter of ”sphere” or from different angles, we may find their unexpected aspects.
#7 "Mythologic"
We live in an information society. We are allowed to escape from reality when we get tired of too much information and a savage atmosphere of our society. Let’s throw ourselves into a fantastic mood and be intoxicated in it so that we can look away from the information update every second. This collection shows the original textile created with opal printing and digital printing of the illustrations inspired by Greek Mythology. The oversized silhouette with brilliant patterns and embroideries expresses the mood of myth.
#8 "Space, The last frontier"
The concept is space exploration, especially space suit development. Human curiosity has been fascinated by the mysteries of the universe and made us go further. …The cosmos is also within us. We're made of star-stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself. I want to display the beauty of the cosmos that is also inside of us through the clothes.
#9 "Nukumori"
Nukumori is the Japanese word used to signify emotional warmth. It is a warmth no to be felt in the skin but in the heart and soul. In a time of economic, political and social instability, people are closing their doors and hearts to those who are different in nation, skin, gender, beliefs or sexuality. Now more than ever, I believe it is important to create bonds instead of barriers. The concept of emotional warmth, Nukumori, also speaks to my identity as Japanese-Brazilian. Raised a mixture of these two countries, I grew up to appreciate and value the exchanges between different cultures. It was over a 100 years ago when Brazil opened its doors to Japanese immigrants. I was only born because of that. I owe my own existence to openness and acceptance and I believe the world to be in need of that. My goal with this collection is to create clothes that incite connection and understanding amongst people. To remind them of their ability to give and receiving warmth.
#10 "Turbulent Days"
The concept comes from GOGOBOY in Shinjuku 2-Chome, known as a gay area in Japan. They look so glittering, but at the same time, they are seen as a pageantry. Their outfit has intensive detail because it often consists with "Spangle", "Bondage", and "Harness". However, are they really wearing them, or just bound by them? My collection presents GOGOBOY and their story by introducing some detail from their into ladies wear.
#11 "LiGHTPiA"
Appeared lights and disappeared lights. Lights and dances in the wordless world. With the pray for hope and peace, I express freedom and liberation with light graffiti.
Bunka Fashion Graduate University
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