Biennale Architettura 2016 - Collateral Events

Outdoor sign installation, entrance of the exhibition.

Macau, The Territory
This section explores the evolution of the territory under portuguese influence from 1550 to 2012 and a urban model of the actual city. 

Entrance of the exhibition "Coexistence", Evolution of the territory by Wong Chung Yuen, Wu Kim Kam, Wong Iat Cheong, Alexandre Lou, Ip Kin Hong, Lei Kam Meng, Chong Peng, Chu Chan Kam, Chao Chi Peng, Kwah Hou In, Vera dos Santos,Leong Chong San, Tong Man Kit.

Latin City Model of Macau

Latin City Model of Macau

Latin City Model of Macau

The Chunambo Wall
This section shows the ingridients and construction proces of the mixture "chunambo", which forms the old walls of the City Center of Macau. Interactive work (exterior and entrance of the exhibition). Recreates the construction process of the Chunambo wall, where workers beat up the mixture until it compacts.

Ingriedents of Traditional Chunambo (detail). Chunambo is the mixture that composes the walls of Macau City Center.The mixture contains particular ingriedents as brown sugar, lime powder, crushed shell powder, glutinous rice powder, among others.

A recreation of the Chunambo wall in the City Center of Macau.

Chunambo Structural Wall. Remaining section of the old defence wall of the City Center of Macau.The three pieces have ingridient variations and consistence, from softer to harder.

Macau City Buildings
This section shows Macau's city buildings, original objects, house pieces and maintainance process of the old city walls. 

Interactive work. Children paint daily the walls of the installation with the representative colors of the City Center of Macau.

Proof Course and Salt Control. A relevant process in the maintainance of the old structures of the City Center.

Proof Course and Salf Control (detail)

Proof Course and Salt Control (detail)

The Mandarin House. Original pieces from Macau.

The Mandarin House, Rua Da Ribeira Do Patane.

Credits: Story

Organizer: Instituto Cultural do Governo da R.A.E. de Macau (I.C.M.)
Curator: Mr Ung Vai Meng (President of the I.C.M.), Ms Leong Wai Man (Head of the Cultural Heritage
Department of the I.C.M.)
Collaborator: Architects Association of Macau (A.A.M.),
Participants: Mr Wong Chung Yuen (President of the Board of Directors of the A.A.M.), Ms Wu Kim Kam
(Deputy President of the Board of Directors of the A.A.M.), Mr Wong Iat Cheong (Head of Studies and
Projects Division of the Cultural Heritage Department of the I.C.M.), Mr Alexandre Lou (Architect / I.C.M),
Ms Ip Kin Hong (Heritage Architecture Conservator / I.C.M), Mr Lei Kam Meng (Conservation Technician,
Macau Youth Challenge), Mr Cheong Chong Peng (Conservation Technician, Macau Youth Challenge),
Mr Chu Chan Kam (Architect / A.A.M.), Mr Chao Chi Peng (Architect / A.A.M.), Mr Kwah Hou In
(Architect / A.A.M.), Ms Vera dos Santos (Architect / A.A.M.), Mr Leong Chong San (Architect / A.A.M.) ,
Mr Tong Man Kit (Architect / A.A.M.)
Commissioner: Paolo De Grandis
Coordinator: PDG Arte Communications

Credits: All media
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