Plaza Walls: The Beginning

Oklahoma Mural Syndicate

Plaza Walls is a rotating, outdoor mural project in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City, produced by The Oklahoma Mural Syndicate. The project was launched in September 2015 with approval from the Oklahoma City Arts and Urban Design Commissions in an effort to provide an exhibition space for spontaneous murals. Since its launch, it has played host to almost 100 murals from artists all over the nation.

The Plaza Walls Alley Entrance
A huge welcome sign greets patrons as they enter the outdoor gallery filled with over 20 murals – longer than a football field.
The Beginning
After receiving permits for a one-year pilot program from the Oklahoma City Arts and Urban Design Commissions, artists Dylan Bradway, Kristopher Kanaly, Cody Lanphier and Jake Vega kicked off the project at the Plaza District Festival in late September 2015. To celebrate the first ever legally-permitted area to allow graffiti art in Oklahoma City, they spray painted their iconic signatures.  
Artists began to paint frequently.
As the curators invited more artists to paint, the alley quickly exploded with art and color.

The first public-facing wall of the project was the Indiana Ave. Here is Dylan Bradway kicking off the first large-scale mural in February of 2016.

Many of the murals celebrate the young and brave community responsible for revitalizing the district, as in Tessa Raven's homage to the pioneers of the district.

Kristopher Kanaly's psychedelic 3D, "Galacticat," proved to be a pivotal moment in Oklahoma City's mural culture, proving the curators were dedicated to redefining the perception of public art in OKC.

The alley quickly became a haven for photography, providing inspirational imagery like this painting by Cassie Stover honoring Oklahoma legend, Will Rogers.

Embracing the Brush and the Spray Can
Alongside the early additions of graffiti pieces, traditional forms of painting like Erin Cooper's "The Crown is Bought and Sold," drew crowds of spectators to study it's flawless execution.

Jake Beeson painted an epic graffiti-inspired mural featuring Dark Wing Duck spray-painting the town.

Rick Sinnet paints his iconic patterns as the featured muralist in August 2016.

Sinnet's "Mothman" hypnotized spectators in a celebration of patterns and simplicity with a highly-contrasting color palette.

The alley continued to fill up with amazing graffiti art.
Peppered throughout traditional works, graffiti writers painted impressive displays of spray can talent.
The alley artists started experimenting with abstractions, like The Holey Kids who displayed their unique style of abstract shapes sparking intrigue and imagination.
Large Murals Continue
As the season progressed, Chris Presley encouraged everyone to slowdown and "Take Life Slow" with his 30 foot-long sloth. To see the next series of murals, proceed to the Season 1 exhibit.
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The Plaza Walls Mural Project is a curated, rotating mural exhibition in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City, managed and curated by The Oklahoma Mural Syndicate. The project was launched in September 2015 with approval by the Oklahoma City Arts Commission and Urban Design Commission in an effort to feature spontaneous murals in Oklahoma City.

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