DO NOT PASS BY - Milos Reindl's Film Posters

Palbric Art Foundation

“In the dark years of the regime, illustrators managed to make their art flourish in film posters.” Lawrence Formisano

Scratch a little and we are all immigrants…
Following its lauded Prague exhibit in August, Palbric Art Foundation presents the first North American stop of Do Not Pass By, featuring surreal, vintage film posters by Czech-Canadian artist Milos Reindl, along with their hidden messages of social criticism. The exposition was held in the lobby of Complexe Guy-Favreau from June 21-July 13 as a part of World Refugee Day 2017.

Complexe Guy-Favreau, Montreal, QC H2Z, Canada
The Do Not Pass By is a touring exhibition showcasing some of Reindl's posters. Started in Prague, Czech Republic in 2016 the exhibition visited also his second home Montréal in 2017.

Art is the universal language we can all enjoy. Do Not Pass By is a timely celebration of diversity, multiculturalism and integration, intended to address the issue of immigrants and refugees in a way that will amuse, enlighten and educate, and in the process, reduce xenophobia.

This initiative begins with Milos Reindl, a remarkable Czech-Canadian artist and onetime political refugee.

From typical collages, to his bold paintings and masterful lines, Reindl contributed to the richness and diversity of Czechoslovak graphic art.

Showcasing some of his 30 vintage posters, the exhibition pairs Reindl’s art with accompanying text honouring milestone achievements by former refugees, and the positive impact these immigrants ultimately had on the countries that they now call home.

The passages alongside each poster cover varied topics including food, music, funerals, architecture and beauty in a way that celebrates diversity and unites us.

"Milos Reindl: a great artist with more than one identity, more than one country to call homeland and more than one talent to be shared, is an ideal icon of this Palbric, plural initiative"

Michael Cukier
Founder, Palbric Art Foundation

“What you see is line of posters. Soon, with your encouragement, I hope to use them to create a corridor of light and enlightenment, throughout the world, promoting the diversity of world cultures. I hope to encourage our 7 billion inhabitants of this planet to see, appreciate and be grateful for the beauty and variety that we all share.”

Michael Cukier
Founder, Palbric Art Foundation

Miloš Reindl
Born in Czechoslovakia in 1923, Milos Reindl is one of the most remarkable yet unknown artists of his generation. Trained in the ateliers of Emil Filla and Antonin Kybal, Reindl arrived in Canada in 1968 as a political refugee. 

Milos Reindl is best known for his large-scale wall paintings and brilliant film posters.

Reindl defected from Czechoslovakia in 1968, starting a new life in Canada and a career as a ne arts professor.

His unorthodox teaching methods and rich central European intellectual background gained him considerable popularity, and contributed to the international success of many of his Université Laval pupils.

In parallel with his teaching, Reindl continued to paint, and during his 35 years in exile in Canada he created hundreds of oil paintings, gouaches, and drawings.

The subject matter of his work appears mostly introspective, however on second glance, his art actually often contains social criticism, and expresses empathy for the victims of oppression and war.

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