Domestic and international design furniture collection at DDP       'THE USE AND LOOK OF ASIAN DESIGN' 

In the history of human lifestyle, chair has been one of the many factors that supported human life. A piece of furniture is a good cultural indicator and tells us a lot about the traits of a certain region or a society.

Within the wide realm of furniture, chair is the common language. When looking at the design of a chair, one can find many stories aside from its distinct function. Rarely known Southeast Asian design has many unique features to be shared. The use of natural materials can be commonly found in Asian designs.

With conventional building technology, furniture with natural materials is built to fit the purpose perfectly.

In addition, some Asian designers successfully managed to play ahead in the market and become forerunners in laying the groundwork for global formativeness. They immediately realized the need to find the purpose that not only adapted to modern lifestyle, but also find their distinctive formativeness.

Having this in mind, this exhibition can be described in the following three concepts:


With abundant local natural materials, Asian countries have created and used various furniture embraced with their unique culture. Each country shows their exclusive design in their building techniques, combination of materials and patterns.

Material Container_Stool, Seo Jeong Hwa, 2013/2013, From the collection of: DDP
Gregoria Baluster, Ito Kish, 2012/2012, From the collection of: DDP
Nirvana d'Oro, Eggarat Wongcharit, 2009/2009, From the collection of: DDP
Emergence Stool, Kim Jeong Seob, 2014/2014, From the collection of: DDP


We are able to notice the diverse trends born from the countries’ long tradition as well as colonization days through the designs of furniture. 

Especially young designers who are educated in Western schools are approaching furniture design with pragmatism and formativeness through many techniques. Such approaches are leading them to the global stage.

Peacock Chair, Unknown, Suwan Kongkhunthian, 1970/1970, From the collection of: DDP
Ryu Bench, Ryu Table, Yang Woong Gul, 2011/2011, From the collection of: DDP


Many modern designers are starting to consider new factors in designing furniture. They are introducing polymeric furniture that climate and purpose of furniture are taken in to account. Also, experimental furniture that is customized to modern purpose continues to surprise the world design community. Such initiatives are opening the new era for Asian furniture design.

Leg Chair, Lee Suk Woo,Song Bong Kyu, 2014/2014, From the collection of: DDP
Linger Bench_L, Alvin Tjitrowirjo, 2009/2009, From the collection of: DDP
Antix Bench, Suwan Kongkhunthian, 2002/2002, From the collection of: DDP
Pretzel Bench, Abie Abdillah, 2010/2010, From the collection of: DDP
Chalee, Jitrin Jintaprecha, 2013/2013, From the collection of: DDP
Yoda Easy Chair, Kenneth Cobonpue, 2006/2006, From the collection of: DDP

I wish this collection would provide an opportunity to share the beauty of design and the experience the very purpose of furniture.

Salong, Rolly Poly,Singing Melody, Eggarat Wongcharit, 2003/2003, From the collection of: DDP
Credits: Story

PLANNING — DDP EXHIBISION DEVISION, SEOUL DESIGN FOUNDATION/                   PARK Sam chul, Director of Exhibition Division/   PARK J.B., Director of Space Team/ SUH Hye-young, Manager/ KIM Teasun, Manager/ LEE Taehoon, Manager/ KIM Bora/ SEONG Junyoung/ PARK Jewon/ JEONG Hyewon
DDP FURNITURE PURCHASE AND MAKING — INNOVAD Inc./                    LEE Hong lyoul/ KIM Ki hong/ RYU Jae hyeong
EASTERN FURNITURE   — EUNCOUNCIL & VIUM/               EUN Byung soo/ JEON Min koo/ AHN Hye jin 

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