Collections from Oklahoma National Parks

National Park Service, Centennial One Object Exhibit

In celebration of the National Park Service Centennial in 2016, this exhibit showcases one object from every national park museum collection in Oklahoma. We invite you to explore museum collections from Chickasaw National Recreation Area and Washita Battlefield National Historic Site.

Since the early 1900s, Bromide Spring was a popular destination for visitors for its scenic beauty and medicinal properties. In 1907, a pavilion was constructed between Rock Creek and the high bluffs of Bromide Hill. In front of the pavilion was a cylindrical concrete cistern that housed Bromide Spring and a set of stepping stones that crossed Rock Creek.

Chickasaw National Recreation Area, CHIC 6410002

The reliable 1858 .44 Caliber Cap and Ball Remington Revolver was one of the weapons of choice used by the 7th US Cavalry and Plains Indians. It jammed infrequently and could be re-loaded quickly. During the Civil War, it became a favorite firearm and prized possession of officers and soldiers. This pistol was carried throughout the Plains Indians Wars by members of the US Cavalry.

The Cheyenne Indians may have collected such a weapon from raids on settlers, stage coach stations and wagon trains, or they might have specifically selected this revolver from a stockpile of weapons offered as annuities by agents of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. At the Battle of the Washita on November 27, 1868 this model of gun saw action on both sides.

Washita Battlefield National Historic Site, WABA 724

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Park museum staff from: Chickasaw National Recreation Area and Washita Battlefield National Historic Site.

National Park Service, Museum Management Program Staff: Amber Dumler, Stephen Damm, Ron Wilson, and Joan Bacharach

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