The Mark of Beauty : The Aomori Nebuta Festival

NHK Educational

Point 1 : The passion for Nebuta
Nebuta was never meant to be observed quietly. Taking part in the festival, bouncing together, and feeling the passion of the dancers... This is the true pleasure of Nebuta. 
Haneto originally started with men parading about in women's clothes. These dancers let themselves go, forgetting their daily cares by dancing, bouncing, and shouting along with the chanted calls.  Colorful props help create a festive atmosphere. 
Point 2 : The figures on floats
Part of the charm of Nebuta is the striking expressions of the figures portrayed on the floats.  Their eerie expressions are meant to drive away evil spirits.
Lengths of wire are used to create these expressions.
Point 3 : Colors
Rich colors and black Japanese ink are used to create these Nebuta images.
Wire gives the figures shape and form, while ink is applied to give a feeling of movement. 
Wax is painted along the lines of ink. 
After finishing the outlines of ink and wax, they are painted with over 20 colors.
The black lines make the bright colors glow with radiance, breathing life into the Nebuta.
2 million tourists from all over the world visit in search of this northeast festival's passion and visual beauty.
The Mark of Beauty : NHK Educational
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Aomori Nebuta Festival
Tohoku Electric Power Nebuta Enthusiasts Association(2015)
The Aomori Nebuta Gairyukai
Haneto Group "Choryukai" Koji Goto
Aomori Prefecture Sheet Metal Industy Union(2015)
Aomori City Hall Nebuta Executive Committee(2015)
Hitachi Combined Nebuta Comittee(2015)
Tsugaru Nitta- Lord Nobumasa and Kappas(2015)
JR Nebuta Executive Project(2015)

Photography by Tadayuki Minamoto

Music by yuichi FUJISAWA

Supervised by
Maezaki Shinya, Associate Professor, Kyoto Women's University
M. Rinne, Kyoto National Museum

Produced by NHK Educational Corporation


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