History of the Castle

Château de Châteaudun


Châteaudun or the royal residence of Jehan Dunois

It became the property of Jean d’Orléans, a favored companion of Jeanne Arc, and it was he who had the west (Dunois) wing built between 1450 and 1468. The layout of this main building, with its small, more comfortable, refined rooms reflects the need for comfort that followed the Hundred Years’ War.

Châteaudun between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

The profound originality of the castle of Châteaudun stems from the fact that there is a gradual transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance that allows the two styles to coexist. The castle courtyard, located between the "Dunois wing" and the "Longueville wing", has also retained two loggia staircases, one with a flamboyant decor and the other, which follows the same pattern, from the Renaissance era. In Châteaudun, over a relatively short period, builders smoothly and seamlessly adopted the style of their time.


Long neglected, saved from ruin through its acquisition by the State, the castle of Châteaudun was restored after 1939 under the direction of the architect Jean Trouvelot (1897-1985). The restoration of Châteaudun is of particular note in its adherence to the architecture and sculpture of past centuries as well as to finishing touches that match the original features as closely as possible.

Key dates

Around 1170: construction of the "big tower" by Thibaud V, Count of Blois
Around 1170: construction of the "big tower" by Thibaud V, Count of Blois
1439: Charles d’Orléans gifts the County of Dunois to his bastard half-brother Jean, henceforth known as "Dunois"
1450: reconstruction of the roof of the "big tower" by Dunois
1451-1454: construction of the Sainte-Chapelle, first phase: choir and high chapel Around 1459-1468: erection of the west (Dunois) wing Châteaudun castle, View of the Dunois counts’ castle
1460-1464: construction of the Sainte-Chapelle, second phase: south nave and oratory
1468: death of Jean d’Orléans
1469-1491: construction of the basement floors of the Longueville wing by François I of Orléans-Longueville
1509-around 1518: construction of the upper floors of the Longueville wing by François II of Orléans-Longueville and his successors
1723-1815: the castle suffers various types of damage Around
1860: Théodore de Luynes undertakes a restoration project
1870: Prussian bombardments
1938: the Duke of Luynes sells the castle of Châteaudun to the State

Château de Châteaudun
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