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About the Blue House Cluster
Blue House Cluster is located at Stone Nullah Lane, Wan Chai, which was built in 20's - 50's. It consists a total of three blocks. The Blue House was graded as Grade I historical building, while the Yellow House was Grade III. The Orange House is ungraded.

By the time when the Blue House was built, people in Hong Kong were still using firewood for cooking. Here we can see the structure of a chimney.

Blue House was built in 1922, it retained the wooden ceiling in the building structure

Hong Kong House of Stories - an extraordinary museum in stories telling
Hong Kong House of Stories is located at the ground floor of the Blue House. It serves as a home to a community museum and a neighborhood hub by organizing various heritage preservation programs. Visitors can encounter with different stories easily.

Book shelves of the Hose of Stories, where neighborhood can exchange their books here for free.

Shop No. 72 Stone Nullah Lane was Luen Hing liquor store before it became Hong Kong House of Stories. The old folks can still recall this liquor store of their childhood.

Where the wine jars were placed for vintaging

Periodic Exhibition
As a community museum, the staff of the St. Jame's Settlement will co-working with the Blue House inhabitants and the neighborhoods of Wanchai for different periodic exhibitions.Past exhibitions includes "In the name of what we believe", "Naamyam"  and "The Trail of Ding Ding" Tram Stories etc... In May 2015, it's honor for us to have Mr. Au Yeung Nai Chim's paint exhibit in HOS. Mr. Au Yeung is an experienced and famous local painter in Hong Kong.
Community Cultural Tour
Launched in 2007, "Hong Kong House of Stories" was established by St. James’ Settlement and a group of local enthusiasts. Our aims are to preserve and propagate the cultural essence of Wan Chai through exhibitions, cultural tours, workshops and other activities. As part of our preservation work we have also trained Wan Chai inhabitants and culture preservationists to lead students and the general public through exciting and insightful cultural tours of this diverse neighborhood.                       (For Latest News, please visit:)        http://houseofstories.sjs.org.hk/?q=touring
Blue House Community Activities
Regular activities (every Thursday): "Blue House Movie Screening", "Evening Music Concert", "Let's Paint!!! Art Jamming" and "Blue House Bazaar". Special events: Lunar New Year Dinner, Moon Cake Festival Reunion Party & Sport Game on the Street.

We welcome friends to share the movie in our Blue House Movie Screening. A sharing session will be held after screening.

Evening Music Concert
We are happy to introduce different kind of music to the community via our "Evening Music Concert", and let music integrate with the rhythm of our daily lives.
Let’s Paint!
"Let’s Paint!!! Art Jamming" welcomes everyone to join. You can enjoy the this creative atmosphere on your own, or exchange your idea and experience with the neighbor whenever you feel like. All painting materials are provided at a fee of HKD 30.00 only. Available on the 3rd Thursday of every month.
Blue House Bazaar
You can get the goods you like at the "Blue House Bazaar" by exchanging your own goods, sing a song, dance or story telling! Yes, it's a barter trade without involving money! Come and have a look on every 4th Thursday of a month. 
Blue House Studio
Basing in Wan Chai community, Blue House Studio aims to enhance children’s sense of belonging to the society through art activities and workshops. We believe that the neighborhood and the community are natural educational platform and children can experience the joy of learning and creation within.
Wan Chai Sports Day
This event is organized by parents and kids from different part of Hong Kong. Through a series of workshops, the participants explored the possibilities of public space (e.g Wan Chai Open Market after 8) and material in the community. During the 3 months before the sports day, we communicate with the shops and neighbors and gather reusable material and finally we had fun together with our neighbors on the Wan Chai Sports Day.
Community Sharing Class
Everyday life is the best scene to explore the fun of learning. We, the mothers and kids from our neighborhood, gather in House of Stories every Wednesday evening and share stories from the old days. Elderlies, workers nearby, neighbors in Blue House are attracted to the young laughter and this is how our little educational platform begins.
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