ESMOD: Young Designers 2016


Discover the fresh new generation of designers, between expertise and innovation

ESMOD Paris invites you inside its prestigious premises on Rue de la Rochefoucauld
Discover its young designers, in an exhibition of selected collections by students from its class of 2016. Between expertise and innovation, the young designers from ESMOD demonstrate a creativity that is in keeping with the developments of contemporary fashion. From natural fibers to technical fabrics, they do not limit themselves to one technique, and they are never lacking in style.

Discover in 360° the exhibition of the fresh ESMOD 2016 new generation

Marilyn Hampartzounian—Specializing in Modern Couture
The Fall/Winter "Tauromachie" (Bullfighting) collection sprung from an initial idea based on the toreador. She relates the torero to the supernatural, the morbid, and the dark arts. Through this work she revisits not only the opulence but, above all, the sophistication of the toreador.

Marilyn had the opportunity to work in partnership with Maison Lesage.

She returns to the principle of needlework embroidery in her collection, mixing sequins, pearls, and crystals, and most importantly, bringing a completely unconventional element to embroidery: the zipper. She decided to integrate stitches of different lengths into her embroidery to create a 3D effect and, above all, to modernize it.

Laura Monin—4th Year Designer/Creative Director
We are accustomed to living with almost flawless technology and we have little patience when it comes to technical faults. Yet there is a growing tendency in digital culture to accept digital glitches and recognize the beauty of its imperfections. For her Spring/Summer 2017 collection, DATA_, she drew inspiration from GLITCH ART, which involves creating aesthetic pieces from analogue or digital errors, artifacts, or bugs, and even producing them by deliberately corrupting code or manipulating electronic devices.  
Maëla André—Specializing in Modern Luxury Couture
METROPOLIS is the Winter 2016–17 collection for daring and imperious women. The urban woman, active and sure of herself, drapes herself in the city lights; she wraps herself up, letting glimpses of her femininity be seen.

Using a pallet of grays and blacks, my collection, Métropolis, is decorated with a print inspired by the aerial view of a megalopolis. Metallic embroidery with subtle touches of gold is inlayed on a background of black graduating to gray.

These furtive bursts of light remind us of the nocturnal illuminations of city lights.

Luis Martinez—Specializing in Women's Fashion
"I decided to break away from the rules of everyday clothes, taking inspiration from the details found in the rockabilly world of the 1950s, which was very much in vogue in 1980s Mexico."  

"The pale pinks and blues are enhanced by the flashy embroidery that adds zest to my girly style."

Antoine Denis—Specializing in Modern Couture
"This collection is a confrontation between man and nature. It plunges us into a world dominated by man as we continue to shape the world with our architecture."

This human architecture competes with the architecture of nature, created by the Earth. It is represented by the coral reefs—a true feat of nature in its many forms.

The collection's principal lines are inspired by human architecture. The details represent nature.

David Wong—Specializing in Men's Fashion
David Wong draws his inspiration from his many travels—notably in China, the United States, and Italy—to create a wardrobe for the modern man. His final year collection returns to the principles of tailoring, adding a touch of modernity with his surprising details (cuts, linings, etc.) and casual style. The first ready-to-wear lines from his high-end eponymous brand fall between formal and casual wear.  
Anastasia Ruiz—Specializing in Modern Couture
"3D printing was the source of inspiration for this collection. The name, "Virus," is a metaphor for the world today, which is constantly adapting and evolving. You can also see a parallel with this technology, which is becoming more and more widespread and is opening up possibilities for many industries."  

"With 3D printing, we must change the way that we design clothing."

Marion Barbier—Specializing in Women's Fashion
"You can characterize this universe as urban and modern. My inspiration: The street, its architecture, and street art, because they can all be used to convey a message."  

"Water and the color blue are two elements that inspire me a lot, as they symbolize freedom, freshness, and dreams, but also infinity."

Jesus Molina Gonzales—Specializing in Modern Couture
Jesus Gonzales’ fashion is for everybody: for all those people who do not feel at home in this society. It is an ode to the invisible beauty of the things we see every day but do not recognize as beautiful. Jesus Molina Gonzales uses fashion to humanize society and its mass industrialization, working with the opposition between beauty and ugliness to give Luxury back some of its poeticism.  

For this collection, Jesus Molina Gonzales was inspired by Johnny Cash’s last music video, "She Used to Love Me a Lot."

Jesus Molina Gonzales uses details from the dress codes of forgotten members of society and mixes them with the world of luxury fashion to raise awareness of the beauty and humanity of the underprivileged, from whom most of the population turn their gaze.

Cloé Garnier—Specializing in Lingerie
The young Parisian lingerie brand, TURN, opens the doors to its pure and graphical universe of visual cutaways to guide you through the world of sportswear. Whether inspired by urban intersections, roads, or even the cutaways on our sneakers, the lines created in each of the pieces in the collection underscore the femininity of the body, and its shapes and curves.  

The choice of fabrics is not left to chance either. A strong contrast is created between materials such as neoprene, lycra, and mesh, borrowed from sportswear and players’ kit, and more feminine and delicate materials such as fishnet, which allows the body to be seen, or even polyester voile, which feels light and fluid but is also technical.

Clément Dollet—Specializing in Men's Fashion
"Adaptation is a culture. Protection is a state of mind. Movement is a philosophy." The "M.A.P" line is designed to be in sync with the city.

Technical, crease-resistant and waterproof fabrics, and a coating that is invisible during the day and reflective at night, provide protection for the modern, urban businessman.

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Thanks go to the students from the ESMOD Paris class of 2016 who agreed to present their final year collections in this virtual exhibition:

Clément Dollet, Marilyn Hampartzounian, Cloé Garnier, David Wong, Luis Martinez, Anastasia Ruiz, Antoine Denis, Jesus Molina, Marion Barbier, Maela André, and Laura Monin.

Thanks also go to Satoru Nino, CEO of the ESMOD International group, and to Christine Walter-Bonini, ESMOD's General Manager, for flying the flag for young designers.

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