Apr 27, 2017 - Aug 20, 2017

Campana Brothers

Oscar Niemeyer Museum

Oscar Niemeyer Museum

"The subject of environmental sustainability and reuse of recycled materials seems to permeate society today in different areas. A tendency that might make us forget that not only materials make a difference, but also the capacity to think about and use them in a completely different way, transforming its use, scope and its own reason for being.Humberto and Fernando’s creations carry the strength of a radiant creativity that revives the issue of the waste created by mass production, and rediscovers the value of normality without forgetting that an object must also be comfortable and useful. A type of creativity that already is, therefore, a style of thought, manifesting mental planning processes that lead to unique creations in terms of design and materials, being as original as effective in their use." Nadia Calzolari
"In a recent interview with the Campana Brothers one says about the other: he is my Unconscious. To which, the other immediately replies: he is a box full of surprises. Both speak of the same. Both state the ability to experience, for over thirty years, a partnership guided by mutual communication (which is not always verbal) between their Unconscious which is a phenomenon also observed and reported by Freud in his daily psychoanalytic practice. Throughout the years, they still become surprised with their findings when facing one another, one into the other, when they are confronted by their own constitutive contents."José Luiz Tavares
For over thirty years, Humberto e Fernando have presented themselves and their work as “uncomfortable”, with unique pieces that would make us feel uncomfortable and -at the same time- being able to promote a high level of seduction more through their transgressive aesthetics than through ergonomics per se. Since then they have been characterized by originality, diversity, multiplicity of materials, profusion of colors, fragments and reflexes. They walk on deconstruction, recreate waste, create a debate and indicate the way to apermanence that is absolutely unstable due to the accelerated rhythm of their production. José Luiz Tavares
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Campana Brothers
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