Enter the Museum of Natural Sciences and explore its greatest rooms 

The Bernissart Iguanodons, our stars

In the Dinosaur Gallery

Our predecessors: from Sahelanthropus tchadensis to Homo neanderthalensis

In the Gallery of Humankind - Part 1

Explore the marvellous and complex machine that is our body, its development, how it works and what it needs to survive and reproduce.

In the Gallery of Humankind - Part 2

The Belgian specimen of Hainosaurus bernardi is one of the largest mosasaurs known to date.

In the Mosasaur Hall

Objects, specimens and interactive exhibits illustrate key moments of our 250 years of history.

250 Years of Natural Sciences

Follow the adventure of life on Earth, from the very first forms of primitive life, to giant fish with impressive jaws, giant predatory birds, whales with feet, up to human beings. We even take a little trip into the future!

In the Gallery of Evolution
Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
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