Florida State University Department of Art History       The essays contained in ATHANOR are articles by graduate students on topics of art history and humanities. As such, ATHANOR exists as a critical forum for the exchange of ideas and for contrast and comparison of theories and research and is disseminated for non-profit, educational purposes; annotated allusions, quotations, and visual materials are employed solely to that end.

Athanor I (1981)

Berit Bihl-Greechie
"The Perennial Axe"

James E. Walker
"Solar Imagery and Early Christian Iconography"

James Murphy
"Ottonian or Romanesque: Two Ivory Carvings from Liège"

Amy Lou Cohen
"Mechanisms of Visual Perception Related to Aspects of Gothic Cathedrals"

Jeanine Clements Stage
"Medieval Looms"

Patricia Bradshaw
"Francesco Furini’s Hylas and the Nymphs"

Betty Rogers Rubenstein
"The Palazzo Magnani in Bologna, Aspects of the Sculpture"

Monika E. Cooley
"Freedom" and "Liberty"

Athanor II (1982)

Michael Hoff
"A Ptolemaic Portrait in Sarasota"

Karin M.E. Alexis
"The Landscape Genre in Northern Europe: the Emergence of a New Secular Symbol"

Richard B. Wright
"Michelangelo’s Aedicula for the Chapel of Leo X: Some Symbolic Considerations"

Sharon Collins
"Okada Beisanjin – A Nanga Artist in Need of Reappraisal"

Joyce Bernstein Howell
"Eugène Delacroix and Color: Practice, Theory and Legend"

Carmen Ruiz-Fischler
"Jack Delano: Some Aspects of His Work after Leaving the F.S.A."

Richard William Lizza
"A Review of the Critical Approaches of Clement Greenberg and Harold Rosenberg to Abstract Expressionism"

Athanor III (1983)

Alice Gates Schwehm
"The Florida State Museum Eagle: A Glimpse of South Florida’s Prehistoric Art"

Mary D. Edwards
"The Condottiere Raimondino De’Lupi, His Tomb and Its Influence on the Memorials of Other Condottiere in the Veneto"

Larry W. Forrest
"A Study of an Unpublished Book of Hours in the Library of Calvary Episcopal Church, Louisville, Kentucky"

Bernadine Barnes
"Michelangelo’s Method of Composition in the Battle of Cascina"

Karin M.E. Alexis
"Russell Sturgis: A Search for the Modern Aesthetic – Going beyond Ruskin"

Karol Ann Lawson
"Vitality in American Still-Life: The Flowers of Martin Johnson Heade and Georgia O’Keeffe"

Nancy L. Gustke
"Frank H. Taylor – 19th Century Art-Journalist as Seen through His Sketches of a Trip with General U.S. Grant in 1880"

Denise Most Gerson
"Vincent Van Gogh: The Search for Style at Saint-Rémy"

Jody Blake
"The Paintings within Picasso’s Paintings"

Athanor III Back
by Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts Publishing
Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

Athanor IV (1985)

Richard B. Wright
"Problems in Interpreting the Form and Meaning of Mesoamerican Temple Platforms"

Cheryl Sumner
"A Possible Source for Botticelli’s Venus"

Kathy Z. Gillis
"The Symbolism of Time in the Medici Chapel"

Nancy L. Gustke
"Stylistic and Scientific Influences on the Magni Mogolis Imperium"

Jean Turner
"Fuseli and Lavater: The Personification of Character"

Karin M.E. Alexis
"Henry Ives Cobb: Forgotten Innovator of the Chicago School"

Alice L.H. Correa
"Munich Stained Glass and Jesuit Iconography in the Sacred Heart Church of Tampa, Florida"

Sharon H. Collins
"The Synthesis of Tradition and Innovation in Japanese Oil Painting of the Taisho Era, 1912-1926"

Mercedes A. Quiroga
"Shamanic Parallels in the Thunder Deity Shango: from Yoruba, to Cuba and on to Miami"

Athanor IV Back
by Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts Publishing
Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

Athanor V (1986)

Joanne E. Sowell
"The Dating of the Construction of the Monastery of Sacramenia"

Charlotte Sharpe Daly
"A Netherlandish Manuscript Page at Florida State"

Rosemary T. Smith
"Arthur Wesley Dow and American Modernism"

Margaret Fitzgerald
"Vincent van Gogh’s Published Letters: Mythologizing the Modern Artist"

Viki D. Thompson Wylder
Hannah Höch: A Familiar Struggle, A Unique Point of View

Katherine M. Duncan
"The Early Work of Miriam Schapiro: The Beginnings of Reconciliation between the Artist and the Woman"

Cheryl A. Cullom
"The Impact of Christo’s Surrounded Islands"

Athanor VI (1987)

Cheryl Scott Foss
"Zen Artistry’s Desanctification of Buddhist Imagery"

B. Underwood DuRette
"The Smoking Candle of the Mérode Altarpiece"

Rosemary T. Smith
"Benjamin West at the Court of George III"

Charlotte Sharpe Daly
"The Stephens Log House in Grand Ridge, Florida"

Eileen Toutant
"Jan Toorop’s Station of the Cross"

Ray Williams
"Khnopff Responds to Maeterlinck: His Illustrations for Pelléas et Mélisande"

Viki D. Thompson Wylder
"Laurie Anderson’s Technology – “Neither Love It Nor Leave It”"

Athanor VII (1988)

Michaela Merryday
"A New Reading of the Prado Annunciation by Robert Campin"

Carol McCall Rand
"Naturalism and the Madonna della Misericordia: The Dissolution of a Gothic Emblem"

Carol Damian
"The Survival of Inca Symbolism in Representations of the Virgin in Colonial Peru"

Lyn Bolen
"Traditional and the Avant-Garde in Moreau’s Salome"

Victoria J. Beck
"In the Image of Kandinsky: Abstract Myths"

Alice S. Brooker
"Was There a Myth in the Making? – A Structuralist Approach to Robert Motherwell’s Elegies to the Spanish Republic"

Athanor VIII (1989)

Kimberly Kelly
"Forgery, Invention and Propaganda: Factors behind the Production of the Guthlac Roll (British Museum Harley Roll Y.6)"

Nan Currence
"Rombouts’ David and Abigail in the Florida State University Gallery: An Allegory of Deliverance"

E. Michael Whittington
"The Bear-Mother Theme: Exploring the Narrative in Haida Argillite"

Jane Bowie Mattson
"George Inness, Jr.’s Art of the Spiritual: The Only Hope"

Janice Ford-Freeman
"The Quest of Beauty: LaFarge and Tiffany and American Stained Glass"

Mary E. Murray
"Picasso’s Illustrations for Iliazd in Context"

Carol Ventura
"Jacaltec Maya Ethnicity and Acculturation as Viewed through Their Backstrap Woven Hairsashes"

Athanor IX (1990)

Myra Engelhardt
"A Late Classic Ceramic Standing Male Figure from Remojadas, Veracruz, Mexico"

Virginia K. Henderson
"An Overlooked Source of Influence for the Fan Vaulting of the Chapel of Henry VII at Westminster Abbey"

Thomas M. Bayer
"The Artist as Patron: An Examination of the Supervisory and Patronal Activities of Giuseppe Cesari, the Cavaliere d’Arpino"

Robert D. Meadows-Rogers
"Procession and Return: Bacchus, Poussin, and the Conquest of Ancient Territory"

Helen S. Langa
"Lilly Martin Spencer: Genre, Aesthetics, and Gender in the Work of a Mid-Nineteenth Century American Woman Artist"

Roxanne Farrar
"The Paradoxical Primitivism in the Early Art of Giorgio de Chirico (1911-17)"

David D. McKinney
"The Place of the Skull: Rudolf Steiner and the First Goetheanum"

Karen Richter-Hill
"El Lissitzky: Revolutionary Images from a Primitive Soul"

Athanor X (1991)

Catherine Morris Westcott
"Atalanta Fugiens: The Alchemical King in Transformation"

Susan Davis Baldino
"The Importance of Palladio’s Villas for Seventeenth-Century France"

Thomas M. Bayer
"The Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art Market: The Influence of Economics on Artistic Production"

K. O’Neil
"The John Foster Gravestone"

Kimberly J. Smith
"Contours of Conflict: “The Giaour” in Bryon and Delacroix"

Sherry Piland
"A Positivist Reading of Labrouste’s Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève"

Martha Culliton
"Exhibitionism and Skoptophilla: Fischl’s Sleepwalker"

Athanor XI (1992)

Janie Ruth Curry
"The Illustrated Visio Baronti: A Carolingian Manuscript from Reims"

William Travis
"Unfinished Romanesque Sculpture"

Read Montgomery Diket
"An Exemplary Life: Spinello Aretino’s Cycle of St. Benedict in Context"

Catherine Morris Westcott
"Birgittine Devotion and the Campinesque Virgin in the Apse"

Margaret Rose Vendryes
"The Fashionably Dressed Sailor: Another Look at the Black Figure in John Singleton Copley’s Watson and the Shark"

Thomas M. Bayer
"Marketing of Genius – Ingenious Marketing: The Role of Engravings in Mid-Nineteenth Century English Art Dealing"

Betty Lou Williams
"Rosa Bonheur’s Dialogues with Culture"

Juan A. Martínez
"Afrocubans and National Identity: Modern Cuban Art, 1920s-1940s"

Jeffery Blackwell
"Venturi’s Guildhouse Facade: An Architectural Conceit in the Ironic Style of T.S. Eliot"

Stephen Petersen
"Robert Morris’s Ambiguous Containers"

Charlene Mattingly
"Naum Gabo’s Tête Construite: A Dynamic Form in a Continual State of Becoming"

Athanor XII (1994)

William Travis
"Points of View in Romanesque Sculpture: The Cluniac Group"

Tania Mertzman
"An Examination of Miniatures of the Office of St. Louis in Jeanne de Navarre’s Book of Hours"

Jennifer L. Fields-Crow
"Controlling Images: Portraits of Charles V as Representations of His Political Agenda in Fourteenth Century France"

Gail A. Kallins
"Mantegna’s Minerva Overcoming the Vices Reconsidered"

John Gabriel Haddad
"The Sabbatarian Struggle of Michelangelo"

Thomas Bayer
"Socio-economic Aspects of Netherlandish Painting during the Sixteenth Century"

Glenn Taylor
"“Cloth of the Spider:” Deciphering Alfred Stevens’ Intriguing “Puzzle Painting,” Young Woman with a Japanese Screen""

Betty Lou Williams
"Frederick Carl Frieseke Rediscovered"

Verlon Cary
"Picasso’s Influence on Jackson Pollock’s Late Black and White Paintings"

Diana McClintock
"The Art of Bessie Harvey: Her Gift of the Spirit"

Athanor XIII (1995)

Areli Marina
"Gislebertus’s Eve: An Alternative Interpretation of the Eve Lintel Relief from the Church of Saint-Lazare, Autun"

Joanna Minich
"The Art of the Spiro Warrior: Engravings in Shell from the Spiro Site"

Matt Landrus
"Caravaggism in the Work of Guido Reni"

Amber McAlister Blazer
"From Icon to Relic: The Baroque Transformation of the Salus Populi Romani"

Mary Parke Luttrull
"Rosedown Plantation Gardens: The Evolution of a Southern Masterpiece"

Catherine Morris Westcott
"The Sublime and the Millennialist in John Martin’s Mezzotints for Paradise Lost"

Louly Peacock Knoz
"Marie Bashkirtseff (1858-1884): “La dame en blanche”"

Marie Watkins
"August Macke and Native American Imagery"

Karen A. Trella
"The Parodic Strategies of Jasper Johns"

Athanor XIV (1996)

Matt Landrus
"Leonardo da Vinci’s Non-Reductive Method: Representing Chaos"

Steve B. Choate
"Bramante, Michelangelo and Giacomo Della Porta: The Meaning of the Dome"

Barbara J. Johnston
"Ruben’s Deianira and the Fury: A New Interpretation Based on Seneca’s Hercules Oetaeus"

James E. Bryan
"Northern Baroque Ship Decoration: Politics and Iconography"

Carolyn M. Allmendinger
"Charles Le Brun’s Penitent Magdalen Reexamined"

Sean Stephenson
"Andrea Pozzo’s Old Testament Heroes in the Jesuit Church of Sant’ Ignazio, Rome"

Athanor XV (1997)

Carla Funk
"“The City is a Prison, the Desert Paradise”: Hagiographic Promotion of Carthusian Monasticism in the Belles Heures"

Amy J. Wright
"The Bible of Borso d’ Este: A Profile of Princely Magnificence and Christian Piety"

William L. Barnes
"Partitioning the Parturient: An Exploration of the Aztec Fetishized Female Body"

Traci Elizabeth Timmons
"Habiti Antichi et Moderni di Tutto il Mondo and the “Myth of Venice”"

Adera Scheinker
"Appropriation of Play in a Victorian Album: Idylls of the King and Other Poems Illustrated by Julia Margaret Cameron"

Sunanda K. Sanyal
"Allegorizing Representation: Gérôme’s Final Phase"

Susan Kloman
"Paula Modersohn-Becker and the Discourse of Motherhood in Turn-of-the-Century Germany"

Lauren Bartlett Nagel
"The Icon and the Avant-Garde in Russia: Aesthetic Continuity in Tatlin’s Painterly Reliefs"

Wendy Eller Kagey
"The Second Moses: The Messianic Tradition in James Hampton’s Throne of the Third Heaven"

James W. Rhodes
"A View From Within: Mark Tansey, Mont Sainte-Victorie, and the Iconography of Deconstruction"

Kristin Schreiber Roberts
"Framing John Biggers’ Shotguns (1987): African American Art and Identity"

Athanor XVI (1998)

Jennifer Sheffield Currie
"Hans Leinberger’s St. Castulus Cycle and the Influence of Humanist Hagiography"

Tiffanie Townsend
"A Biography Written in Stone: Baccio Bandinelli’s Tomb Monument in SS. Annunziata, Florence"

Carmen Fernández-Salvador
"The Witches of Goya"

Thomas M. Bayer
"Degas and the English Connection 1872-1876"

Claire Christian Black
"Rodin and Michelangelo: Nature and Tradition"

Joe Lucchesi
"Romaine Brooks’ Self-Portrait Photographs and the Performance of Lesbian Idenity"

Kelly A. Wacker
"Magic-Making in the Work of Alice Aycock"

Athanor XVII (1999)

Elizabeth S. Hudson
"Symbiotic Relationships: Abbot Suger and the Capetian Monarch at Saint-Denis"

Julia Stephens May
"Sacred Receptacle and Sign of the Gods: Human Hand Imagery in the Art of the American Southwest"

Kelly Barnes-Oliver
"Legendary Penance: Donatello’s Wooden Magdalen"

Cynthia A. Payne
"Lux Mundi: The Vault Mosaic in the Cappella S. Elena, S. Croce in Gerusalemme, Rome"

James F. Peck
"Domenico Guidi’s Papal Portriats: A Point of Departure for Baroque Eclecticism"

Shari Addonizio
"Portraits of Madwomen: Another Look at Dr. Hugh Welch Diamond’s Photographs of the Insane Female in Victorian England"

Irene Nero
"The Creation of Le Corbusier’s “Primitivistic” Regional Style: a Study in Resolved Dialectic Oppositions"

Ginger Russell
'Calligraphy as Image in Japanese Abstract Art"

Kevin Concannon
"Not For Sale: Yoko Ono’s Discounted Advertising Art"

Samantha Baskind
"Effacing Difference: Larry Rivers’ History of Matzah (The Story of the Jews)"

Athanor XVIII (2000)

Evan A. Gatti
"Reviving the Relic: An Investigation of the Form and Function of the Reliquary of St. Servatius, Quedlinburg"

Jean Anne Hayes Williams
"The Earliest Dated Tree of Jesse Image: Thematically Reconsidered"

Ceil Parks Bare
"Albrecht Dürer’s Bearing of the Cross"

Elena Conis
"San Francisco in Quito, Ecuador: A Union of Old and New World Sources in a Sixteenth-Century Convento"

Dulce María Román
"The Emergence of High Baroque Style at the Court of Madrid"

Hayes Peter Mauro
"Duchenne: Discourses of Aesthetics, Sexuality, and Power in Nineteenth-Century Medical Photography"

Jennifer L. Maatta
"Japanese and Chinese Influences on Art Deco"

Kira M. Campbell
"Romaine Brooks and the Drawing of Self"

Laureen Trainer
"The Missing Photographs: An Examination of Diane Arbus’s Images of Transvestites and Homosexuals from 1957-1965"

Athanor XVIII Back
by Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts Publishing
Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

Athanor XIX (2001)

Jeremy J. Johnson
"Piety and Propaganda: John I Tzimiskes and the Invention of Class “A” Anonymous Folles"

Jeong-Eun Kim
"White-robed Guanyin: The Sinicization of Buddhism in China Seen in the Chinese Transformation of Avalokiteshvara in Gender, Iconography, and Role"

Valerie Ficklin
"Mannerist Staircases: A Twist in the Tale"

Katherine Marsengill
"Identity Politics in Renaissance France: Cellini’s Nymph of Fontainebleau"

Samantha Kelly
"The Body and Its Manifestation in the Andean World: Corporality, Simulacrum, and Image"

Elizabeth B. Heuer
"Inventing the Past: The Representation of Florida in Picturesque America"

Alla Myzelev
"The Uncanny Memories of Architecture: Architectural Works by Rebecca Horn and Rachel Whiteread"

Nicole De Armendi
"Lorna Simpson’s Public Sex Series: The Voyeuristic Presence and the Embodied Figure’s Absence"

Athanor XX (2002)

Jelena Bogdanović
"The Proclamation of the New Covenant: The Pre-Iconoclastic Altar Ciboria in Rome and Constantinople"

Ljubomir Milanović
"Representations of Others in Early Christian and Byzantine Art"

Daniel Savoy
"A Ladder of Camaldolite Salvation: the Façade of San Michele in Isola"

Carola Naumer
"Gardens and Grottoes in Later Works by Mantegna"

Nancy R. Rivers
"The Versailles Opéra"

Bernadine Heller-Greenman
"Moreau le Jeune and the Monument du Costume"

Jennifer Rinalducci
"The 1857-58 American Exhibition of British Art: Critical Reactions in the Cultural Context of New York"

María C. Gaztambide
"Amelia Pelaez and the Insertion of the Female Sphere: The Cuban Vanguardia Reconsidered"

Irene Nero
"The 1914 Werkbund Debate Resolved: The Design and Manufacture of Frank O. Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao"

Kara Morrow
"Bakongo Afterlife and the Cosmological Direction: Translation of African Culture into North Florida Cemeteries"

Athanor XXI (2003)

Eric Poehler
"Romans on the Right: The Art and Archaeology of Traffic"

Preston McLane
"Some Textual Sources for the Purse as Reliquary"

Ceil Parks Bare
"The Fourth of July Celebration as Seen through the Eyes of Nineteenth-Century Artists"

Louis J. Malon
"“Then Will the Union Be Knit Indissolubly Together” – The Tomb for President James Monroe"

Rachel Fleming
"John Lockwood Kipling and Kim"

Patrick Tomlin
"Paul Outerbridge: From Modernism to Mass Culture"

Gretchen Wagner
"Vom Gesicht zum Gesicht: The Weimar Subject in the Photography of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy and August Sander"

Karen A. Sherry
"Collective Subjectivities: The Politics and Paradox of Surrealist Group Portraiture"

Angela McKinley
"“In the Presence of a Presence” – Frank Lloyd Wright’s Beth Shalom Synagogue and the Search for Success in Architectural Symbolism"

Athanor XXII (2004)

Angela Marie Herren
"Portraying the Aztec Past in the Codex Azcatitlan: Colonial Strategies"

Lisandra Estevez
"“The Triumph of the Text:” A Reconsideration of Giovanni Vendramin’s Architectural Frontispieces"

Julianne Parse Sandlin
"The Ca’Dario: A Message from a Cittadino"

Elina Gertsman
"Illusion and Deception: Construction of a Proverb in Hieronymus Bosch’s The Conjurer"

Diann G. Montague
"Giulio Romano’s Garden of Venus as an Interactive Spatial Metaphor"

Ryan Gregg
"The Sacro Monte of Varallo as a Physical Manifestation of the Spiritual Exercises"

Guy Tal
"Disbelieving in Witchcraft: Allori’s Melancholic Circe in the Palazzo Salviati"

Iraida Rodríguez-Negrón
"Emblem of Victory: The Immaculate Conception in Spanish Colonial Painting of the Viceroyalty of New Spain"

Ilenia Colón Mendoza
"Ramón Frade’s El Pan Nuestro: The Jíbaro as a Visual Construction of Puerto Rican National Identity"

Christal Hensley
"One Portrait of One Woman: The Influence of Gertrude Stein on Marsden Hartley’s Approach to the Object Portrait Genre"

Jennifer Farrell
"The Effacement of Myth: A Study of the Work of Roland Barthes, Isidore Isou, Françoise Dufrêne and Daniel Buren"

Tienfong Ho
"Absence of Evidence: Depicting the Truth of War"

Athanor XXIIl (2005)

Alessia Frassani
"The Art of Divination in Indegenous America—A Comparison of Ancient Mexican and Modern Kuna Pictography"

Tanja L. Jones
"Classical Chastity and Chivalric Tradition: Pisanello’s Portrait Medal of Cecilia Gonzaga"

Eileen Costello
"Knot(s) Made by Human Hands: Copying, Invention, and Intellect in the Work of Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer"

Shannon Pritchard
"Caravaggio’s Capitoline Saint John: An Emblematic Image of Divine Love"

Jennifer L. Hallam
"“Virtue must be hir chiefest garnish”—Rules for Painting an Early Stuart Lady as Evidenced by Larkin’s Mary Curzon"

Andrea Keppers
"Invention and the Court Copyist: David Teniers the Younger and Gallery Paintings"

Casey Gardonio-Foat
"Luisa Roldán’s Terracottas: Result of Failure or Strategy for Success?"

Sandra Zalman
"Picturing American Femininity: Addressing the Body of Alfred Stieglitz’s Portrait of Georgia O’Keeffe"

Kristen Williams Backer
"Identity and the Artist: Soviet and Post-Soviet Sots"

Stefanie Snider
"You Make Me Fell Like a Natural Transgendered Person: Contemporary Photography and the Construction of Queer(ed) Identities"

Nathan J. Timpano
"Misremembering Racial Histories: The Role of the Viewer in Kara Walker’s The Emancipation Approximation"

Athanor XXIV (2006)

Jennifer Naumann
"Wicked Wives: The Animate Vulva, Social Satire, and Fear of a Female Pilgrim"

Michael P. Kemling
"Portrait of the Artist as Michelangelo: Maarten van Heemskerck’s Self-Portrait with the Colosseum"

Lauren Grace Kilroy
"Guaman Poma’s Illustrated Khipus: Signs of Literacy, Emblems of Colonial Semiosis"

Stassa B. Edwards
"Visualizing and Textualizing Algeria: Description and Prescription as a Strategy for Redefinition"

Ellery Foutch
"Dancing in the Street: George Luk’s Spielers"

Karen Shelby
"The Memorial to Peter: A Social Investigation within the Politics of German Memory and the Great War"

Carissa Kowalski Dougherty
"The Coloring of Jazz: Race and Record Cover Design in American Jazz, 1950 to 1970"

Izabel Anca Galliera
"Satire in subREAL and the Prevalent Monolithic Western View in the Beyond Belief and After the Wall Exhibitions"

Claire L. Kovacs
"Puppetry of the Penis: A Deconstruction of the Phallus as Weapon"

Viktoria Villanyi
"Between the Graphic and Tectonic: Architecture, Mapping and Topography in Rimer Cardillo’s Works"

Athanor XXV (2007)

Jennifer M. Feltman
"Inscribing Order: The Didactic Function of the Walters Art Museums MS 73"

Heather McCune Bruhn
"The Parish Monstrance of St. Kolumba: Community Pride and Eucharistic Devotion in Cologne around 1400"

Lee Todd
"A Woman Enthroned: Margaret of York and the Recuyell Engraving"

Jamie Ratliff
"The Social Mapping of Self and Other: Cross Purposes and Double Mistaken Identity in Colonial Mexico and Europe"

Yemi Onafuwa
"Bruegel’s Cripples and Early Modern Humor"

Angelo Ho
"Gerrit Dou’s Niche Pictures: Pictorial Repetition as Marketing Strategy"

Michelle Moseley Christian
"Genre-Portraits and Market Value: Emanuel de Witte’s Portrait of Adriana van Heusden and Her Daughter at the New Amsterdam Fishmarket, 1661-63"

Lauren R. Cannady
"The Validation of Terracotta in Eighteenth-Century Image and Text"

Adam H. Veil
"The Wonderful Works of Omnipotency: T. Addison Richards and the Aura of the Romantic Southern Landscape"

Mary Vens
"Femme Fatale: Guilty as Charged?"

Elizabeth Cronin
'Imagining the Landscape as Feminine: A Series of Nudes by Franz Roh"

Athanor XXVI (2008)

Kandice Rawlings
"Painted Paradoxes: The Trompe-L’Oeil Fly in the Renaissance"

Rebekah Perry
"Death and Devotion in Renaissance Venice: Giorgione’s Boy with an Arrow and the Cult of Saint Sebastian"

Jerry Marino
"Touch of Evil: Disease and the Diabolical in Grünewald’s Temptation of St. Anthony"

Caroline Hillard
"The Conquest of Etruria in Francesco Salviati’s Triumph of Camillus"

Rowena Houghton Dasch
"Unraveling the Deception: Trompe l’Oeil as Guide to Charles Bird King’s Picture Gallery, 1824-1861"

Mary Dailey Pattee
"Grabbing Modernity by the Horns: Mary Cassatt’s Offering the Panal to the Bullfighter"

Clara Barnhart
"Reconciling the Civil War in Winslow Homer’s Undertow"

Bryna R. Campbell
"Excavating the Subjective in Gustaf Nordenskiöld’s The Cliff Swellers in the Mesa Verde"

Keri Fredericks
"The Country Cousin: Advocating an Arcadian America"

Michael Alvar de Baca
"Hardcastle (1962): Memory, Catastrophe, Minimalism"

Natilee Harren
"The Diagram Dematerialized, from Marcel Duchamp to John Cage to George Brecht"

Rachael Churner
"Hans Haacke’s Zero Hour"

Athanor XXVII (2009)

Patrick Coleman
"Columns in Archaic Lakonian Vase Painting"

Lea K. Cline
"Rising from the Ashes: Domitian's Arae Incendii Neroniani in New Flavian Rome"

Karlyn Griffith
"Viewing the Romance of Antichrist in the Miniatures of the Jour du Jugement MS Besançon 579"

Brenna Graham
"In the Hands of the Saint: Taddeo di Bartolo's St. Germinianus with Scenes from His Life"

Erin Benay
"The Word Made Flesh: Sensory Experience and the Doubting Thomas in Italian Renaissance Art"

Emily Ackerman
"Drawing the Daguerreotype: The Print after the Photograph in Noël-Marie-Paymal Lerebours's Excursions Daguerriennes"

Peter Clericuzio
"George Morgan, the Philadelphia Art Community, and the Redesign of the Silver Dollar, c.1876-82"

Stacy Schwartz
"Spirit and Space: Architecture and Expressions of German Identity in Metropolis and the Weissenhofsiedlung"

Travis E. Nygard
"Grant Wood and the Visual Culture of Agribusiness"

Dustin Chad Alligood
"Vija Celmins, Strategies of Negation, and the Trauma of Representation"

Jobyl A. Boone
"Hill to Bay, Land and Water: Christo and Jeanne-Claude and American Environmentalism"

Courtnay Micots
"Art and Architecture of Anomabo, Ghana: A Case Study in Cultural Flow"

Athanor XXVII Back
by Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts Publishing
Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

Athanor XXVIII (2010)

Benjamin Eldredge
"Narrative, Figure, and Landscape in Poussin's Roads: Landscape with a Man Washing His Feet at a Fountain and Landscape with a Roman Road."

Maureen Warren
"William Hogarth's Four Stages of Cruelty and Moral Blindness"

Sarah Buck
"Unfolding Piranesi's Aqueduct: The Aqueduct Map from Le Antichità Romane, Volume I (1756)"

Segundo J. Fernandez
"Kauffman and Reynolds: Infant Academy Unmasked"

Carmen McCann
"More Than Just an Allegory: Life and Death in Eugène Delacroix's Greece on the Ruins of Missolonghi"

Beth Fadeley
"Hiram Powers's Greek Slave and the Cultural Construction of Race"

Laura Turner Igoe
"All Things Perish: Joseph Biays Ord and the Plight of Antebellum American Still-Life Painting"

Maria d'Anniballe
"Recreating the Past: The Controversies Surrounding the Refashioning of the Medieval Castle of Castelvecchio in Verona under the Fascist Regime"

Cristina Albu
"Between Expanded Consciousness and Expanded Bodies: Spectatorial Engagement with Invisible Architecture"

Corey Dzenko
"Everyman's Actions: The White Male Body in Performance Photographs"

Nicole L. Mahan
"Krzysztof Wodiczko's "If You See Something…" – Counter-memory in the Post 9/11 Movement"

Kori Lisa Yee Litt
Meaningless Language with Meaningful Words: Buddhism and the Art of Xu Bing"

Athanor XXVIII Back
by Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts Publishing
Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

Athanor XXIX (2011)

Amy Yandek
"The Metropolitan Museum of Art Tauroctony: New Possibilities in the Worship of Mithras"

Kathleen McCampbell
"Embodiments of Heat in the Iconography of Highland Maya Effigy Funerary Urns"

Dierdre Carter
"Matthew Paris’s Illustrated Life of Edward the Confessor: History for the Eyes and Ears of a Queen"

Andrew Robert Keast
"Durer, Metallurgy, and Social Mobility"

Anna Goodman
"Image as Relic: Moretto’s Funerary “Portrait” of Angela Merici"

Iara A. Dundas
"Permanent Devotion: Carlo Rainaldi and the Quarantore as Precursor to Santa Maria in Campitelli"

Leslie Anne Anderson
"Painting Instruction: C.W. Eckersberg and Artistic Labor in the Danish Golden Age"

Juan Eugenio De La Rosa
"In Paint, Stone, and Memory: The Tomb of Titian and the Habsburg Dynasty"

Stephanie Bender
"Lady Killers and Lust-Murderers: The Lustmord Paintings of Weimar Germany"

Joe Hartman
El Arbol de la Fraternidad: Afro-Cyban Symbolism, Political Performance, and Urban Space in the Early Cuban Republic

Yelena Kalinsky
"The View from Out Here: Western Conceptual Art in the Moscow Conceptualist Imagination"

Brianne Cohen
"Farocki’s In-Formation: Silent Statistics and Stereotypes"

Athanor XXX (2012)

Brad Hostetler
"The Limburg Staurotheke: A Reassessment"

Catherine Fernandez
"Kingship and the Materiality of Cameos: The Afterlife of the Grand Camee in Capetian Paris"

Christopher Timm
"Edirne Kapi and the Creation of Ottoman Ceremonial Iconography and Topography"

Jennifer Lunn Burley
"Clothes Make the God: The Ehecatl of Calixtlahuaca, Mexico"

Elizabeth Bemis
"Crossing the Rubicon in Renaissance Fashion: A Re-dating of the Engravings on the Sword of Cesar Borgia"

Bradley J. Cavallo
"The Catholic Cosmos Made Small: Athanasius Kircher and His Museum in Rome"

Saskia Beranek
"Building a Secular Sepurchre: Horace Walpole and the Gothic Revival at Strawberry Hill"

Elizabeth Melanson
"Impressionism and the Salons Juifs: The Ephrussi Family and Jewish Patronage Networks in 1880’s Paris"

Heidi A. Cook
"Peasants and Politics: Croat Ethnography and Nationalism in the Work of Maksimilijan Vanka"

Christina Weyl
"Lund Ward’s Novels in Woodcuts: The Cinematic Subtext"

Maite Barragan
"Vision and Visuality in Franco’s Valley of the Fallen"

Athanor XXX Back
by Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts Publishing
Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

Athanor XXXI (2013)

Kristin M. Hebert
"Looking the Part: Transcending Gender in the Portraits of Agrippina the Younger"

Elizabeth M. Molacek
"Narcissus the Hunter in the Mosaics of Antioch"

Abigail Upshaw
"The Political Context of Michelangelo’s Cleopatra for Tommaso de’Cavalieri"

Kira Maye
"Performing for the Court: Sofonisba Anguissola’s Self-Portraits at the Easel as Court Gifts"

Emily Kathleen Thames
"“Les boutons de l’habit de gala de Toussaint L’Ouverture:” Questions of Authenticity, Use, and Meaning"

Leslie E. Todd
"Transcending the Cloistered Convent: An Examination of the Role of Secular Mural Paintings in El Carmen de la Asuncion in Cuenca, Ecuador"

Samuel Dylan Ewing
"Sojourner Truth’s Fugitive Images and the Disruptive Power of Circulation Anxiety"

Elizabeth Saari Browne
"Amateur Painting: Honore Daumier’s “Homage to Fragonard” and the Rococo"

Laura Hunt
"Performers or Petrushkas? The Metamorphosis of the Human Actor in Alexandra Exter’s Designs for Theater and Film"

Ashley Lazevnick
"The Soul in the Machine: The Case of Charles Sheeler and His Classic Landscape"

Chelsea Rinehart
"An Ethnography of Institutional Culture in the Photography of Candida Hofer"

Athanor XXXI Back
by Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts Publishing
Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

Athanor XXXII (2014)

Justin Greenlee
"Quod Vocatur Paradiso: The Pigna and the Atrium at Old St. Peter’s"

Sarah C. Simmons
"The Seal of Approval: Visualizing Patriarchal Power and Legitimacy in Ninth-Century Constantinople"

Sabena Kull
"Spinning a Common Thread: Popular Paintings of the Child Virgin in Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Seville and Peru"

Kristi M. Peterson
"Discourses of Power: Andean Colonial Literacies and the Virgin Mary of the Mountain"

Akeem Flavors
"Framing the Botanical: Picturing Nature and Painting the Castes of Eighteenth-Century Mexico"

J. Cabelle Ahn
"The Ruins of Iconologie: Redefining Architecture in Jean-Charles Delafosse’s Desseins"

Naomi Slipp
"For the Edification of All: Nineteenth-Century American Medicine, Art, and the Role of the Classical Cast in Cultural Life"

Alissa R. Adams
"Politics, Prints, and a Posthumous Portrait: Delaroche’s Napoleon in his Study"

Carlee S. Forbes
"Creativity in the Congo Free State: Nineteenth and Twenteeth-Century Funerary Mats"

Jennifer Baez
"Constructing the Nation at the 1955 Ciudad Trujillo World’s Fair"

Samantha Karam
"Challenging Ideologies: Contrasting Dorothea Tanning’s Mid-Twentieth Century Animal Paintings with Contemporary South Africa"

Athanor XXXIII (2015)

Katie Townsend
"Eliciting Liturgical Participation: The Southwest Vestibule Mosaic in Hagia Sophia"

Jennifer Clary
"Evidence of Animistic Practice at Casa Grandes: Marine Shell and the Walk-in Well"

Alexandra Challenger
"Constructing Cosmography: The Printed Image as a Visual Tool in Peter Apian’s Cosmographicus Liber"

Jeffrey Fraiman
"The Oratorians’ Icon: The Madonna Vallicelliana in Post-Tridentine Rome"

Michele L. Frederick
"Imitatio and Aemulatio: Reevaluating Aert de Gelder’s Self-Portrait as Zeuxis"

Maura Gleeson
"Fashionable Modernity: Agency and Spectacle in James Tissot’s Portrait of the Marquise de Miramon"

Natalia Angeles Vieyra
"Illuminating Addiction: Morphinomania in Fin de Siecle Visual Culture"

Margarita Karasoulas
"Visual Irony and Racial Humor in Winslow Homer’s The Watermelon Boys"

Ranelle Knight-Lueth
"The Battle Lines Were Drawn: The US Army’s Struggle to Publish World War I Combat Art"

Jennifer Camp
"Silent Struggles: The Graphic Radicalism of the Woodcut Novel"

Caroline M. Riley
"American Vernacular Art in 1938 Paris: Its Categorization and Reception at MoMA’s Three Centuries of American Art Exhibition"

Christina Morandi
"The Representation of Soviet Urbanscape as Alienation and Loneliness in Estonian Hyperrealist Paintings of the 1970’s"

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