Mugham trio. From left: singer Kechechi oglu Mohammed, tar player Kurban Pirimov, kamancheh player Sasha Oqanezashvili Kechechi oglu Mohammed (1864-1940) - singer. A number of mugham, tasnif and folk songs have been recorded to gramoрhone in his performance in Warsaw Kurban Pirimov (1880-1965). Has founded mugham trio in 1905. He has played on tar for the first time at Opea and Ballet Theatre in “Leyli and Majnun” Opera. Sasha Oqanezashvili (1889-1932) – kamancheh player. He has played in trio together with Jabbar Garyaghdioglu and Kurban Pirimov.

Mugham trio

Bahram Mansurov (1911-1985) - musician, tar player, skilful performer of mugham groups, he has accompanied mugha, operas with tar.
Meshedi Suleyman Mansurov (1872-1955) – father of Bahram Mansurov, tar player.
Meshedi Malik Mansurov (1910-1926) – brother of Bahram Mansurov

Scene from Afrasiyab Badalbeyli’s “Giz galasi” ballet.The first Azerbaijani ballet “Giz galasi” has been composed by Afrasiyab Badalbeyli in 1940.
The premiere took place on 18 April 1940 at the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. Main roles at the premiere: Gulyanaq – Gamar Almaszade (later T.Aliyeva), Jahangir khan – A.S.Urvatsev, Polad – Constantin Batashev, Ayperi daye – M. Babayeva, mother of Gulyanaq – L. Tahmasib. In 1948, at the same theatre the work performed again with choregraphic edition of Gamar Almaszade; the next edition was in 1958.

Jazz music has been created in Azerbaijan by 1960s and developed in late 50s and early 60s.

Scene from Fikret Amirov’s “Sevil” opera. Fikret Amirov’s “Sevil” opera has been first performed in 1953.

Tarzen Sadigjan. Outstanding representative of XIX century music art (1846-1902), Azerbaijani tar player who developed tar, the musical instrument by adding extra bass-string and double resonance strings and increased the number of strings from 5 to 11. played the tar nestling it to the chest for the first time. Earlier tar players held the instrument on their knees.

Azerbaijani musicians with the owners of “Sport-record” company. From left, second row: singer Jabbar Garyagdioglu, Davud Safiyarov, Meshedi Memmed Farzaliyev, Kechechi oglu Mohammed, 1st row: tar player Kurban Pirimov, kamancheh player Sasha Oqanezashvili.

Azerbaijani ashug. One of the most famous representatives of Ashug poetry. Ashug Alasgar (1821-1926). Wrote poems in every genres of Ashug poetry and created ashug melodies.

Kamancheh musical instrument. String instrument played with kaman. It is played in mugham trios.

Tar musical instrument. It is played in mugham trios. It has 10 strings and 9 tones. It has been decorated with natural mother of pearl, and have flower and bird ornaments. “MA” and “П16П” initials have been depicted on it. Unknown master.

Daf musical instrument.. One sided instrument. It is played in mugham trios.

Balaban musical instrument. It is one of the wind instruments. It is used to accompany solo and also ashug group.

Zurna musical instrument. It is widely used in public celebrations and ashug profession.

Saz — musical instrument played with plectrum. It has 6 strings. Inseparable part of ashug art.

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