Jul 21, 2012 - Sep 9, 2012

Very Fun Park 2012

Fubon Art Foundation

Comtemporary Art Exhibition in Taipei's East District

Songshan Cultural and Creative Park

Hsu’s work goes beyond the limit of “pottery” in terms of material and scale. Based on the concept of “maximum scale and minimum thickness”, Hsu’s work is a cluster of singles and pairs built by physical forces: pushing, pressing, squeezing, pinching, rubbing, and layering.

Taipei's East District

All I Have To Do IS Dream features human-like animals to illustrate the people around us, as well as the stories that take place in the void between our memories and dreams. The characteristics of different animals reflect Lin’s innermost feelings.

The sculptures titled work feature a couple laboring in the field, a common and touching sight of the everyday life.

For Jan Vormann, broken corners and missing red tiles make for ideal places for creativity. He uses plastic construction bricks of all colors and sizes to fill in the missing pieces on various structures.

Da-an 56

Artist Huang Yen-Chiao uses carefree strokes and composite materials to recreate indescribable sensory experiences, forming flowing lines and flamboyant colors. The work is the artist’s attempt to experiment with different bodily experiences.

Fubon Art Foundation
Credits: Story

CEO:Maggie Tsai
Director:Vivian Hsiung
Administration:Wen-Ching Shin, Wei-Shih Liao, Ruby Tai, Cherry Wang, Robert Chien
Exhibition:Wei-Lun Chen, Yi-Jung Tsai, Nicole Wu, Chia-Yun Chu
Promotion:Jada Chan, Chyi-Ju Chiu, Hua-Chen Chen, Alysha Cheng, Yi-Hsin Wang
Forum:Yu-Chin Wu, Mong-Tzu Hsu, Han-Yi Huang, Boogie Chou
Photography:Soon-Long Chung, Te-Fan Wang, Li-Ling Pai, Jia-Rong Chou
Documentary Production:Wan-Jen Chen, Guan-Ming Lin, Cheng-Wei Lin, Yueh Liu
Book Design:Tomic Design Atelier

Takashi Iwasaki, Chang Tzu-Lung, Lin Efen, Hsu Pei-Cheng, Marina Cruz-Garcia, Chang Yung-Ta, Chu Yin-Hua, Mia Liu Wen-Hsuan, Yoshiyuki Ooe, Tai Han-Hong, Kyotaro Hakamata, Huang Bo-XunTitle, Chimerik, Tu Pei-Shih, Chung Shun-Wen, Lai Yi-Chih, Cheng Hsiu-Ju, Jan Vormann, Yu Wen-Fu, Heidi Voet, Huang Yen-Chiao, Akiko Ikeda, Kang Ya-Chu, Hsu Wei-Hui, Liu Han-Chih, Huang Hua-Chen, Ujino, Chung Soon-Long, Hiraki Sawa, Lee Chia-Yu, Yu Wen-Fu, Tai Han-Hong, Magda Sayeg, Sawa Hiraki, Tao Ya-Lun, Hsu Yung-Hsu, Shyu Ruey Shiann, LuxuryLogico, Yoshikawa Kimiya, Tsai Hsiao-Chi, Freeman Lau Siu-Hong

Credits: All media
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