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"[In 1963]...I had become intrigued by post-tensioning as a way of making large sculptures out of smaller elements held in tension by a rod or wire.  Working in this manner, it seemed only natural to use different materials and color.  I was not trying to simulate the layers of colored marble in Tuscan churches, nor did I think of color as a decorative conceit.  A way of working runs its course of interest.  My research into the structuring of stone remained, but not my concern with color variations." Isamu Noguchi

"My studies of post-tensioned marble started with this piece. The fact that alternating colors of marble somewhat resemble the layered use of different marbles in Tuscan churches is purely fortuitous."

"The structure of the sun translates into a visually powerful entity because of its inherent tensile unity of shape."

"A broken ring, the beginning of a helix, either a levitating or a pulling downward - there is motion, tension, and thus participation."

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Select quotations by Isamu Noguchi are from the publication, "The Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum" by Isamu Noguchi. Published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 1987

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