Martin Ron giant mural in Villa Urquiza

Buenos Aires Graffiti

“'Tale of the Parrots' - one of the biggest murals in Buenos Aires was completed in August 2013. Martin Ron is an Argentine street artist who paints large scale murals in a hyper-realistic style combining elements of fantasy and 3-D. This mural is located in Coghlan and Villa Urquiza Art District/by Buenos Aires Street Art 
August 2013

Video of making of giant mural by Martin Ron called 'El Cuento de los Loros' in Villa Urquiza.

Building in Villa Urquiza before the start of the project in July 2013.

Day 1. Starting work painting the background and skateboard.

Day 2. Painting outline of skateboard with extension pole.

Day 3. Martin Ron using an airbrush to paint the clouds.

Day 4. Marking the outline of the first figure.

Day 5. Working on tone and shadows of torso of first character.

Day 6. Working on more details on the body of the giant figure of a boy with a skateboard helmet.

Day 7. Gabriel Dotta, whose portrait formed part of the mural, having his photo taken.

Day 8. Progress on first figure.

Day 9. Tourists taking photos of Martin Ron working on the mural.

Day 9. Painting portrait of Gabriel Dotta.

Day 9. Tourists with Martin Ron while he was painting the mural.

Day 10. Working on the face of Gabriel Dotta.

Day 11. Painting a strategically placed parrot.

Day 12. Photo of first two sections of the building including sculpture of a boy and portrait of Gabriel Dotta.

Day 13. Detail of giant hand holding a lollipop stick with a wasp spinning a record.

Day 14. Section showing boy listening to the sounds of parrots through a speakerphone.

Day 16. Last day of the project with Martin Ron adding the finishing touches.

Day 16. Painting a portrait and mini-tribute to Argentine architect Clorindo Testa.

Finished mural showing surreal figures being carried on a huge skateboard.

Detail of finished mural named 'Tale of the Parrots'.

Finished mural by Martin Ron measuring 412 sq m2 took 16 days to complete.

Martin Ron with supporting artists Jiant and Guiviro and team from Buenos Aires City Government and Buenos Aires Street who made the project possible.

View from above of finished mural in Villa Urquiza and Coghlan Art District that is one of the biggest in the city.

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Photos by  — Miguel Babjaczuk, Adri Godis & Buenos Aires Street Art

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