RE.CREATE with Tate Britain: Comedy

Tate Britain

Meet 500 years of British Art, interpreted by the world's leading creatives + you

A new Tate Britain will be unveiled on 19 November 2013. 

To celebrate we're asking leading figures from the worlds of cooking, fashion, poetry, film, photography, music and comedy to share the creative processes behind their own work, inspired by 500 years of British Art.

RE.CREATE with Tate Britain is a new partnership with Google.

We invite you to draw inspiration from 500 years of British Art, then recreate something new to share with friends on Google+, Facebook and Twitter with #tatebritain

Over the coming months we'll announce new themes and introduce new artworks for you to be inspired by.

This month we introduce...

'Comedy meets 500 years of British Art'

Take a jaunt through the galleries at Tate Britain with your host Monty Buggershop-Hooty (Comedian, Adam Buxton). 

Isy Suttie writes and performs in this short film Dear Mother... Find out what happens in the gallery after Tate Britain shuts its doors?

Comedy meets Art - 'Dear Mother' written by Isy Suttie

We asked comedian Harry Hill to pen a few new captions for some great British artworks. Here's what he came up with...

Now we want you to be inspired. You can see more artworks in our Meet 500 Years of British Art exhibition

Please send us your comedy take on 500 years of British Art via G+, Facebook and Twitter with #tatebritain 

We'd love to spread your inspiration too so we'll help by uploading selected artworks to these pages.

Watch ‘RE.CREATE with Tate Britain –  the ‘Comedy Meets Art’ Google Hangout On Air. We go live on 

24 September 2013, 19.00 GMT

BBC Arts Editor Will Gompertz will be joined by Doon Mackichan, artists, curators and online contributors for a lively discussion about comedy and art.


Coming soon: 

Throughout the coming months many names will be revealed 

Those confirmed include:

Fashion: Jonathan Saunders, Hussein Chayalan and Preen

Film: Mike Leigh and Christopher Nolan

Music: Everything Everything

Poetry: John Hegley, Scroobius Pip and George the Poet

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Film Producers — Susan Doyon, Sofie Roberts
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