February 2013

POW! WOW! Hawaii 2013

POW! WOW! Hawaii

POW! WOW! is a gathering that celebrates culture, music and art. Centered around week-long events in cities around the world, POW! WOW! has grown into a global network of artists and organizes gallery shows, lecture series, schools for art and music, mural projects, community creative spaces and concerts. This is the 2013 Hawaii edition of POW! WOW!
Mural by Dabs Myla (Australia), Askew (New Zealand), 123Klan (France) and Slick (Hawaii).
Mural by Faith47 (South Africa).
Mural by Ekundayo (Hawaii).
Mural by Mark Bode (California), Prime (Hawaii), Trek6 (Florida), Ian Kualii (New York) and Estria (Hawaii).
Mural by Poeisa (California) and Apex (California).
Mural by Rone (Australia) and Kamea Hadar (Hawaii).
Mural by Ekundayo (Hawaii).
Mural by Lucky Olelo (Hawaii).
Mural by Eric Marcinizyn (Delaware).
Mural by Andrew Wan (Canada), Jeff Hamada (Canada), Yoskay Yamamoto (Japan) and Wu Yue (France).
Mural by Roids (UK) and Madsteez (California).
Roids and Madsteez Process Video
Mural by Katch (Hawaii).
Mural by Mung Monster (Hawaii) and Whomu (Hawaii).
Mural by Meggs (Australia) and Phibs (Hawaii).
Mural by Block (Hawaii) and Maek (Hawaii).
Mural by Eric Marcinizyn (Delaware), Scribe (Kansas), Jim Mahfood (California) and Ckaweeks (Hawaii).
Mural by Nychos (Austria) and Jeff Soto (California).
Mural by Askew (New Zealand).
Mural by POW! WOW! School of Art Students and 808 Urban.
Mural by Erik Otto (California).
Mural by Samuel Rodriguez (California) and Orly Locquiao (California).
Mural by Nychos (Austria).
Mural by Rone (Australia) and Wonderlust (Austalia).
Rone and Wonderlust Process Video
Mural by Sharktoof (California) and Woes Martin (Hawaii).
Mural by Hannah Stouffer (California) and Kamea Hadar (Hawaii).
Mural by Nychos (Austria).
Mural by Dal (China).
The Kaka'ako neighborhood. Home of POW! WOW! Hawaii.
POW! WOW! Hawaii 2013 Video


Now considered to be one of the island’s largest and most expansive gathering of cultural minds. The event which has taken over the once sleepy area of Kakaako in Honolulu has welcomed approximately 100 artists to the area in a widespread beautification and education on the world of street art and the process of creativity. Originally founded several years back in Hong Kong, founder Jasper Wong brought the show to his hometown in hopes of offering a more hands-on approach to exploring art and engaging the community. This year’s artists include Dabs Myla, Askew, Mark Bode, 123KLAN, the Everfresh Crew, Yue Wue (pictured) Yoskay Yamamoto, SLICK, Angry Woebots, Roid, Shark Toof, Jeff Soto, and more. Aside from a local and global roster of artists each plying their trade diligently around the area, several educational initiatives and events have also been put in place including live panel discussions and musical events as well as the culmination of the eight day event through a massive block party.

The POW! WOW! Hawaii 2013 Family.
Credits: Story

Founder and Lead Director — Jasper Wong
Photographer — Brandon Shigeta
Photographer — Jonas Maon
Videographer — Michael Inouye
Videographer — Vincent Ricafort
Paint — Montana Cans
Sponsors — RVCA, Flexfit, Hawaiian Airlines
Website — www.powwowhawaii.com
Instagram — @powwowhawaii

Credits: All media
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