The Filipino Street Art Project

Why hands?

“They are the ‘lost art hands’, the ones which young kids didn’t take care of. Every child has an art hand since birth, but most of them forgot to use it or they simply let the artistic side of them linger and fade as they grow up.”

“As a kid I really loved to draw. It was automatic, really. I believe that cartoons helped me with my creativity - the colors, the drawings - it was very exciting. And also comics were an easy access for me to understand how to draw well, and everything just went into the flow.”

“My involvement with street art started when I had this t-shirt design online thing. Triskaideka, a fellow artist and a very good friend of mine, was one member of the team. He introduced me to some artists that I didn’t know, and eventually to stickers. The vandals and cool creatures I was seeing on the streets were those people: the Pilipinas Street Plan, which I was a fan of before I even knew who they were. I was inspired and wanted to try it.

I did some research about what street art/graffiti is, how it is done and why people do it. It was a self-study process for me until I really tried it, loved it, and felt that I should make more. I want people to experience the feeling of seeing such weird and interesting things they normally don’t see on the streets. So, since then, I got addicted to street art and have learned so many things about it. Most specially, I have gained so many friends.”

“It is so fun to hear things from people watching you draw or paint on the street. Their involvement brings more color and spice to the story. Some are funny, insulting, and sometimes naughty. It is very rewarding for me when people ask me what it is and why I am doing it. Their curiosity and even their judgement motivates me.”

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