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apartheid signs

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The signs that defined apartheid

The Reservation of Separate Amenities Act, Act No 49 of 1953, legalised the segregation of facilities based on race. This act was one of the foundations of the system of apartheid in South Africa.  

According to the act the facilities for different races did not need to be of an equal standard and in reality the white facilities were inevitably of a higher standard than the others. The act was repealed on 15 October 1990.

Carltonville, Johannesburg
Segregated toilets, Johannesburg
Bus stop
Park in Boksburg, Johannesburg
Beach in Cape Town
Subway entrance, Ellis Park, Johannesburg
Post office
Millers Point, Cape Town
Strand, Cape Town
Strand, Cape Town. Dr Alan Boesak, cleric and anti-apartheid activist, at a beach demonstration against apartheid.
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