2000s Korean Pop Music  History - THE YEAR OF 2014

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21st century is when the culture and new media are joined together, thus, the world can encounter (or share) new culture very easily. 

K-pop is one of the pop culture in Korea that has been spot-lighted. In the early 2000s, marketing on Korean drama and its OST as well as idols in oversea countries succeeded to grab their attention. Consequently, K-pop was known as Korean Idols Music at that moment.

The development of new media, such as social network services as well as streaming services, Korean ballad, hip-hop and other genres has introduced to the world. Spontaneously, the strength of K-pop such as, easy melody, showy performance, music videos with the stories that arouse audiences’ interest, etc. causes to grab attention from Asian countries. Not only the Asian countries. Since 2011, K-pop has been spread out to western countries and also grabs their attention easily.

Consequently, the interpretation of k-pop has expanded. 

The exhibition “2000s K-pop History” introduces the trend of Korean Pop culture by using k-pop contents from every year. “2000s K-pop History” would help people to understand Korean culture and Korean pop culture and expect people to enjoy it.

The year of 2014

The year of 2014 could see many singers’ collaboration projects. As soon as the song <some> by Soyou of a girl group Sistar (Starship Entertainment) and a hiphop singer Jeonggigo was released in February, 2014, it ranked on all the music charts and was loved by the public. 

Soyou already received spotlight from the duet songs with Geeks <officially missing you, too> in 2012, and X-Project single album <you are too good> with Mad Clown in 2013. She released her second X-Project single <some> with Jeonggigo in 2014, and the song swept 8 big music charts, and topped Music Bank for 5 weeks. The song <remove> by Hyorin and Jooyoung of Sistar was also a remarkable collaboration project.

IU of Loen Entertainment released re-make album, < KkotGalPi, a flower bookmark>, which contains hit songs of other singers including Jodeokbae and Kimchangwan after arranging the songs suitable for current trend and reinterpreting them in her own way. As her name IU, which means you and I become one with music, indicates, she participated in collaboration projects of various genre, and she has become popular through all generations. In the duet project album <sogyeokdong> with Seotaji, who made a comeback in 5 years, new format of collaboration project was attempted by making 2 songs and 2 music videos for the same love story from man’s side and woman’s side. The duet song with Yoonhyunsan <when would it be> and <feeling anxious> with Ulala Session were loved by the public.

Taeyang of YG Entertainment put his song <eyes, nose, lips> high on the music charts in June and July, and he was awarded the best male singer of the year at MAMA.

2NE1 of YG Entertainment also released <crush>, and the song swept over all the online music charts. This band was praised for showing YG Entertainment’s strength again.

Another YG singer, Psy was prominent this year. His music video <hangover> featuring world famous Snoop Dogg got over 160 million views on his Youtube video, which proved his status as a world star.

Girlsday was recognized as one of the best girl groups with the song <something> ranked high on music charts and TV music shows.

Many established singers regained popularity this year. Seotaiji’s 9th album <quite night> was released on October 20, 2014 his first in 5 years. As soon as this album was released, all the public’s attention was on it.

Singers who were active in 1990s released their new albums including Dongryul Kim’s <companion>, GOD’s 8th album <chapter 8>, Toy’s 7th album <da capo> and Seungwhan Lee’s 11th <fall to fly>.

A ballad band of Star Empire, V.O.S., who has been in this industry for 10 years as a songwriter band, released 2 singles <running and crying> and <let’s live only in opposite way> boasting of their ability as a music producer.

Albums that represented each entertainment company are the following. SM Entertainment had <mr. mr.> by Girl’s Generation, <red light> by f(x) and <addiction> by EXO-K.

JYP has <aren’t you crazy> by 2PM, and Cube Entertainment’s albums are <palgaeyo> by Hyuna, <good luck> and <12:30> by Beast, <mr. chu> and <luv> by A-Pink.

Regarding Starship Entertainment, Soyou and Jeonggigo’s collaboration duet song <some>, <touch my body> and <i swear> by Sistar were remarkable hit songs.

Parkhyoshin of Jellyfish Entertainment had <wild flower>,

and IU of Loen Entertainment had high ranked songs <see you on friday>, <the meaning of you> and <my old story>.

Akdong Musician’s debut album <play> was produced by Chanhyuk Lee, a member of the band, and this band composed of brother and sister showed their own color of the music.

YG’s another new boy band, WINNER got recognition by making all of their songs by themselves including lyrics, composition, choreography, and production. They released their high quality debut album <2014 S/S> after having a year of good preparation time. With their title song <empty>, they were awarded rookie of the year at MAMA.

Loen Entertainment also had a new girl group, Melody Day. It introduced its first song <another parting> depicting girl’s sensitivity. Star Empire Entertainment’s song <soreal> gave the group V.O.S a successful debut, and their mini album <so real story>’s title song, <my heart said> gained popularity with the public.

N-SONIC of C2K released their single album <<reset>> and <<into the light>>. The title song <crazy> was ranked top at 'Hong Kong Metro Radio Hits Chart'. 

Since their debut in 2011, N-SONIC has been making musical career in Asia, through the concert in Japan, China media tours and other activities in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia.

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