A Virtual Reality Story of Diversity and Its Loss

Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Animating the Biodiversity Wall 

In 2007 the Museum für Naturkunde built the Berlin Biodiversity Wall, which tells many stories about Evolution in Action.

One story of life is the story of long periods of the evolution of amazing diversity as well as short periods of great loss (mass extinctions).

On the following pages, we present a brief Virtual Reality movie on the relation between diversity, nature, and our own human species.

On normal devices (computer, smartphone) you can view the film as a 360° movie (remember to pan around).

However, if you have a smartphone with cardboard or any other VR headsets, you can view the video as a truly amazing VR Story!

First, the English language version...

The next page contains a German language version of the same movie:

Credits: Story

Images: Hwa Ja Götz, Google Cultural Institute, Gregor Hagedorn


Created by the Google Cultural Institute and the Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.
Text by Gregor Hagedorn, Oskar Neumann, Sonja Calvus, David Lazarus, and Martin Aberhan; with contributions by Elisabeth Callot, Alice Chodura, Astrid Faber, Kristina Leipold, and Gesine Steiner. Voice: Johannes Vogel

Photographs used inside the Movie: Google Cultural Institute (Gigapixel image); NASA (used under Public Domain US Government)
Copyright: Museum für Naturkunde Berlin.

Experience the famous biodiversity wall also in other exhibits:

1. Biodiversity 24 / 3000 / 8 Million – 24 examples from the 3000 species in the wall (approximate viewing time: 25 min., abbreviate by sampling only some species!).

2. A Tagged Biodiversity Wall, with a zoomable gigapixel panorama containing the names of selected specimens and groups (approximate viewing time: 4 min. – plus any amount of time to explore the names).

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Credits: All media
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