Fashion Graduate #4  Emmanuel A. Ryngaert

Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

World top fashion is made in Antwerp. Discover new, wayward design talents. Here's Emmanuel's 2016 graduation process at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp: Meccano.

In the Meccano collection there's an emphasis on accessories. This makes it possible to vary your clothing as you please.

The concept needs the use of big material volumes. These volumes, together with the accessories, are being assembled.

By making laser-cut shapes you can construct and deconstruct everything, which gives it a more contemporary aspect, to the point where it becomes shareable software. I can upload these files on the Internet, someone in China can download them and have the design laser-cut and assembled over there, so this cancels out the transport of fabrics.

Very little is stitched. Most of the fabrics are laser cut wool and furniture foam.
From the material, volumes are created and then abstract objects are made.

Collaboration is inevitably necessary in contemporary design. For my sun glasses I had the unique opportunity to collaborate with the renowned Antwerp design brand THEO. For Meccano they used a special technique: chemical engraving.

Backstage at the yearly fashion show organised by the fashion department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. The moment of truth. The world of fashion is watching carefully what Antwerp can offer as new fashion design talents.

My final collection at the academy. This school has been a place where my confidence could grow; soon, this security will be gone. The process of making this graduation collection has been more stable than my mental condition. The stability of the concept I came up with was something I could hold on to.

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Although a process showcase shares a peek into one's soul, Emmanuel did not hesitate to share his. Very greatful to him!

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