exhibition prepared for the 60th anniversary of the gallery

Section 1.
Establishment of gallery

Section 2.
Who is Peter Michal Bohúň?

Section 3.
Gallery collectiones

Establishment of gallery
60 years ago the creation of the gallery contributed extensively both visual artists who worked and active part in cultural life in Liptov. 

The exhibition prepared for the anniversary itself aims to familiarize the general public with a selection of works from some of the founding members. Their work formed the basis of the collections of the gallery fund. The authors are represented at the exhibition: PhDr. Vojtech Mensatoris (first gallery director), Jan Hála, Ester Martinčeková - Šimerová, Fero Kráľ, Janko Alexy, Alfonz Groma, Peter Július Kern and Pavol Petráš.

Who was Peter Michal Bohúň?
The gallery was located in the former girls' evangelical school, where taught Slovak painter of the 19th century - Peter Michal Bohúň (1822 - 1879), the gallery received his name.

This is the room with portraits of P. M. Bohúň.

Gallery collectiones
Today the gallery has 5111 works in their collections.The collection entails drawings, prints, paintings, sculptures and decorative arts.

Sculpture from hungarian artist Alojz Štróbl (1856 Kráľová Lehota - 1926 Liptovský Hrádok. Twoo differnet sculptures from same artist are in front of the gallery. Our mother (1900) and Wild boar (1900).

Gallery collection has not only paintings from Ladislav Medňanský (1852 - 1919) but also several dozens of his drawings.

Baroness Prónay dressed in Empire style dress sitting in the chair. It was made from transparent, soft fabric like was for example silk, cotton and muslin. Portrait painted Jan Jakub Stunder in 1808 (Copenhagen 1749 - 1811 Banská Bystrica).

Breathtaking work painted by Dominik Skutecký (1849 Gajary - 1921 Banská Bystrica). A bit exaggerated we can see in every work on the gallery walls and rooms magical places where people can meet muse.

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Liptovská galéria P. M. Bohúňa

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