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Fashion isn't just about catwalks. The fashion industry is worth more than £26billion to the UK economy, and it includes roles in buying, visual merchandising, communications,management and even science. We take a look inside the Fashion Business School at London College of Fashion, UAL

Fashion Business School Launch, 2015
Although London College of Fashion has been teaching business and management for 25 years, we launched the Fashion Business School in 2015, and it received Small Business Charter soon after.

272 High Holborn
Fashion business and management courses are taught at the High Holborn site, but Cosmetic Science labs and Visual Merchandising studios are at the John Princes Street site.

Meet LCF alumna, Fashion Buyer Rosie Croft

ASOS Student Project

A Day in the Life
Students can study Visual Merchandising at two levels: a BA (Hons) Fashion Visual Merchandising and Branding, and a Postgraduate Certificate Fashion: Fashion Visual Merchandising. The studios are on the very top floor of the John Princes Street site in Oxford Street, and students work with live industry projects to see their work in high streets all over the world.

"What made me realise I wanted to study visual merchandising was probably Harrods’ windows. Since I can remember every year for my birthday we would go to Harrods and I was just in awe of the windows. My birthday is in December so obviously, it was around the Christmas period and I just found it so magical. For a while, I did think that design was what I wanted to do but when deciding on what courses I should choose for university I realised that Visual Merchandising was the one for me. I just love how creative you can be and how you can make a simple garment tell a story through a window and entice the customer into the store."

Charlotte Bunnell, BA (Hons) Fashion Visual Merchandising and Branding

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Jonathan Baker, course leader

Students work to make models of their window displays, which can then be scaled up. This model window was an industry project with Phaidon, to design windows for Foyles bookshop during London Fashion Week to display The Fashion Book. The winning displays were created around London in February 2014.

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In March 2017 students from BA (Hons) Visual Merchandising and Branding worked with Liberty London on a competition for a refreshed look at their spaces. The winner was Alice Sales (third from left) with a sensory gin distillery for the luxury department. Alice was also offered an internship at the store. Students here are being mentored by the creative team at Liberty London.

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These are the concepts for the winning designs of a student competition for the visual merchandising of the windows in Liberty London. Alice Sales created a sensory gin distillery for the luxury womenswear department, and was also offered an intership in the creative team at Liberty.

Fashion Business School Summit
London College of Fashion's Fashion Business School held a business summit in October 2016 at the Vinyl Factory in Soho. Including Fashion Talks and a programme of events. We worked with design agency Alphabetical to make written work interactive and visual.

Introducing: the Summit
Curated through five themes:
Connected society
Disruptive enterprise
Evolving innovation
Kinetic culture
Transparent environments

Fashion Talks
Students from across undergraduate and postgraduate courses gave a programme of talks as part of the Fashion Business School Summit in October 2016.

Visitors could read written dissertations by removing them from the hanging display.

Go inside the pods for a moment of quiet inspiration, each with a quote written inside.

"I love that LCF offers knowledge and studies in business, but at the same time does not forget the creative side of fashion. As well as its location, which allows me as a student to experienced the retail industry. This course expanded my knowledge to prepare me for my family retail business."

Thanaporn Sopchokchai, MA Fashion Retail Management

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"My research is based on Third space retail concepts and how they can impact and transform the luxury retail experience for the consumer. In this fast-paced industry, the talk proposes we need to focus on discovering new strategies and creative concepts in fashion retailing to remain competitive."

Julie Man, Executive MBA (Fashion)

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Hannah Tozer, Executive MBA (Fashion)
In 5 words please tell us what Fashion Business means to you:
"Ever-changing. Interconnected. Global. Stimulating. Spontaneous."

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Student work was shrinkwrapped to display items relating to the business solutions they had considered as part of their studies.

Visitors could press the symbols to hear student voices; this is Alberto Pereita
Lyndia Aspinall, BA (Hons) Fashion Management
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Andrew Hughes, Dean, Fashion Business School
Heather Pickard, Associate Dean, Fashion Business School
Rob Lakin, Creative Director, Fashion Business School
FBS Summit exhibition design by Alphabetical

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