Jul 19, 2014 - Sep 14, 2014

Very Fun Park 2014

Fubon Art Foundation

Comtemporary Art Exhibition in Taipei's East District

Yodogawa Technique came to Taipei with this sculpture named Menchinu, or black sea bream, and adorned it with litter found around Taipei’s Dansui River.

French artist Séverin Millet is a master of creativity, making art that transcends a simple surface to a three-dimensional realm, with The Composites being his most representative sculptural artwork by far.

With a variety of designs and personalities, The Composite at first glance seems to reference African Fetish and Kachina dolls. Each doll has its own personality and individual character, yet all live together in a colorful and exciting world.

“We want show people that there is immense natural beauty inside every can and to prove that anything can be beautiful when treated with love.”

Use masking tape to realize in a corridor space of the Taipei New Horizon Building , the artist Buff Diss portrays the story of Orpheus and Eurydice.


The bamboo sticks sway in the summer breeze, resonating with sound, drawing people in to the creative park in the buildings of the old Songshan Tobacco Factory.

The Artist Chuang has a background in both art and architecture, and has been experimenting with natural materials through digital technology.

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
like a diamond in the sky…”

For many children, folding origami is their first experience with sculptures; with just their hands, they transform a flat piece of paper into a three-dimensional object.

Chooses to focus on everyday items and gives them subtle changes so that they become extraordinary.

Artist Pin-Tong Huang uses infant-like figures to represent the child in every person. By awakening that inner child, you will see the world with a whole new perspective.

Every summer, Very Fun Park arrives punctually in Taipei's East District. Therefore the artist creates this cheerful “Ki-Chan” to land gracefully on a bed of nine different types of fruit: watermelon, banana, guava, melon, orange, apple, grapes, coconut, and papaya. This number nine signifies the ninth anniversary of Very Fun Park and the celebration of our nine sweet and successful exhibitions.

Australian artist Tanya Schultz works under the name Pip & Pop to create super-colorful artworks from materials such as sugar, glitter, sweets, toy animals, plastic flowers, and everyday craft materials.

Fubon Art Foundation
Credits: Story

CEO:Maggie Tsai
Director:Vivian Hsiung
Administration:Wen-Ching Shih, Cherry Wang, Emme Chen, Robert Chien
Exhibition:Wei-Lun Chen, Nicole Wu, Chia-Yun Chu, Yi-Hsuan Liu
Design:Jada Chan, Chyi-Ju Chiu, Wei-Ching Huang
Marketing:Alysha Cheng, Sara Chen, Yufi Ho
Forum:Yu-Chin Wu, Mong-Tzu Hsu, Han-Yi Huang, Boogie Chou
VFP Interns:Sih-Ying Ciou, Cheng-Wei Yen, Chu-Hsien Peng, Ting-Hsuan Peng, Yen-Lin Tzeng
Photography:Ssu-Hsien Chiang, Jia-Rong Chou, Li-Ling Pai
Documentary:Gazing Element

Buff Diss、CANLOVE、Cherng、Michael Johansson、Pip & Pop、Séverin Millet、Smoky、Tola Wewe、Will Barras、Xue、YODOGAWA TECHNIQUE、Akinori OISHI、Chung-Kun WANG、Yu-Yang WANG、Sheung-Chuen PAK、Ei WADA、Chuan-Lun WU、Yi-Lung LIN、Chao-Tsai CHIU、Yun-Ting HUNG、Chih-Wei CHUANG、Ting-Ruei SYU、Wen-Fu YU、Kuan-Chun HUANG、Pin-Tong HUANG、Yao-Chung LIU、Yi-Chun LO、Shang-Ling KU

Fubon Art Foundation

Fubon Financial Holding Co.

Taipei New Horizon、Songshan Cultural and Creative Park、Taiwan Mobile Digital Life Concept Store、Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store、Artista Perfetto、Café Showroom、JAMEI CHEN、whiple Lib、XIE XIE、a day café、Joy and Smile Animal Hospital、Golden EggRoll、Fubon Life Building、Fubon Financial Center

Just Sleep

AESOP、LE CREUSET、LINE@、Pinkoi、POW! WOW!、SITPLS by 祥業工業、TIMES、YOUTH、YUKARI ART、Four Pillars Enterprise Co.、Permanent Revolution of Tea 、UFO Radio、Joint Entertainment International Inc. 、CAFA Art Museum、VVG、Eslite Living、Integrated Digital Technologies, Inc.、周先生與舞者們、政大金旋獎、黃金燕麥茶

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