Oct 10, 2017

Hidden Heritage under threat: Patterson Hall, a university landmark

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Paterson Hall is a modernist building of an international style. It is the only building which no major additions have been made to from the original Carleton Rideau Campus.

Paterson Hall is located in the southwestern part of Carleton University campus and is one of five buildings which creates the main Quadrangle.  The building is located in close proximity to both the Rideau River and the Rideau Canal.
Why is it significant?
It is a simplistic rectangular modernist building that was built to accommodate the new student population of Carleton University’s Rideau Campus.

It portrays many authentic and character defining elements contributing to the original modernist Rideau Carleton Campus of 1957, the heritage value of the site: Blue glazed brick and zig-zag walls.

Today, it is the only original building from when the university was first built that has not undergone major alterations.

Paterson Hall was conceived as part of the original Master Plan of 1953-1961 by Waston Balharrie, Hart Massey, john bland and Campbell Merrett (Architectural Associates for Carleton University), all leading architects in modern design in Ottawa and influencing other cities in the country. 
Original design
The building was built in 1959 and added on to shortly after. Although named Paterson Hall today,  to commemorate the oldest serving Canadian Senator, Norman Paterson’s contribution to the School of International Affairs, the building was originally named the Arts Building.  Today, the building still serves art students but the name is no longer the Arts Building.

A detail of the steel blue glazed bricks

Facade elements

Modernism as a Character Defining Element
Features include: Connecting curtain wall suspended staircase, fourth-floor catwalk reconstructed granite columns, deep moat and bridged walkway, simplistic modern rectangular form, and concrete lift slab construction.
Why is this building under threat?
Carleton University has recently updated its master plan and Paterson Hall is recommended for demolition.


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