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The color of the scrolls and ceramics, of ivory and sculptures faded by time. An old color that speaks of wisdom, scriptures and long gone rituals.
The substance of Fire, which may be protective, but also suggest danger and anger, uncontrollable passions. In the Buddhist religion, red is the symbol of compassion, in the Chinese tradition it is the Yang element.
Many ancient religions associate blue with divinity: so it is with the Egyptian Amun, the Mexican Huitzilopochtli, the Babylonian Marduk. Blue is also the color of the throat of Shiva. Blue is used to decorate mosques, and the Temple of Heaven in Beijing has the roof covered with glazed tiles of this color.
Symbol of purity, eternity and perfection. In ancient religions, gold tells the human endeavor to achieve aesthetic and moral perfection. In alchemy, it is considered the soul of the matter. Because of his rust, gold is synonymous of durability and incorruptibility, of what is great and infinite, of the divinity itself.
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