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Find out more about The Tempest, the third and final play in The Shakespeare Trilogy.

The Plot
The Tempest tells a story of shipwreck, betrayal, revenge, love and forgiveness, with the action taking place on an island where magic, music and strange sights confuse, bewitch and baffle the characters who wash up on its shores. 

The Tempest begins with the King of Naples, Alonso, the Duke of Milan, Antonio, and their whole court being caught in a storm and shipwrecked near a remote island. As their ship goes down, the characters are separated and washed up on different parts of the island.

The cause of the storm is Prospero, Antonio's brother and the former Duke of Milan who has been banished to the island many years before. With the help of his books and a spirit of the island called Ariel, Prospero has seized the chance to take revenge on those who betrayed him.

Ariel obeys all of Prospero's commands, but after more than ten years of serving him, is desperate for freedom.

Also on the island lives Caliban, a native islander who believes that the island is his by right, and who Prospero has made his slave. Caliban hates Prospero, but his master's magic prevents him from disobedience.

The shipwreck

First to wash up on the island is Ferdinand, Prince of Naples, who believes his father Alonso and all his friends have been killed in the shipwreck.

No sooner has Ferdinand arrived on the island, however, than he meets Miranda, Prospero's daughter, and they fall head over heels in love with one another.

Next to come to shore are Prospero's brother Antonio, King Alonso, and his brother Sebastian. These three were the chief traitors who had banished Prospero to the island, and with Ariel's help he takes revenge on them.

Also stranded on the island are the drunken butler Stefano and the jester Trinculo. When they meet the slave Caliban, the three hatch a plan to take over the island for themselves - though it doesn't exactly go to plan.

As his plans come together, Prospero needs to decide how far to take his revenge, and whether to forgive the enemies that had banished him so many years ago.

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Photography by Helen Maybanks, Richard Davenport.
Poster designs by AKA.
Film by TEAfilms.

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