Donation Ferrari 2015

Between 1988 and 1989, Ferrari published a series of facsimiles including the series "Xadrez," "Plantas e Projetos," "Banheiros," and "Códigos". 

In the book –practical and economical–, León found a format that enabled him to socialize his ideas and research outside of the traditional art circuits.

Throughout the 1980s, while he was living in exile in Brazil, Ferrari started working with a photocopier. He used the machine to produce limited series of 200 numbered, bound, and signed editions of his books which he gave out to his friends and colleagues.

In Códigos, Ferrari studies a new visual alphabet through reformulation of images.

Forever young, forever provocative, forever questioning all cathegories and all posible established mecanisms of power.

Forever irreverent, always discontenting and always clearly proclaiming his position towards art and the world... also an eternal explorer, in constant search for new ways to give a form to his ideas.

León crossed borders and limits with the calmness, the critical look and the mischievousness of a real pioneer.

Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art (Museo Moderno)
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