Nature is always one of the greatest inspirations, but a scientific museum can also be of great inspiration for artists too. Here is some example of what our collections and even the museum itself inspired to some artist over the last years. 

Stefano Bombardieri - The Faunal Countdown
Project about the loss of global biodiversity. November 2010 / january 2011.

Entering this room the sight is really impressive. All of the animals are placed like they are wathcing the visitor.

Two life-size whale models are placed just outside the building, recalling the unauthorized whaling; a big issue and a serious threat to the survival of the species.

The rhinoceros has also a special meaning for the artist, which uses it often as a symbol of himself.

Mustafa Sabbagh - Ens Rationis
Photographic works insipired by metaphysics. November 2015 / january 2016.

A photograph placed in the "Ambiente Terra" section.

In addition to the framed photographs and the installation made of specimens from the museum's collections, there were several monitors with videos on loop.

Dacia Manto - Terre silenziose
A project about biodiversity in man made envoronments. September 2014 / january 2015.

a small world could hide even in a ditch

Small natural items, gathered like treasures, organized like a collection.

Marco Caselli Myotis - il Museo Nascosto (The Hidden Museum)
A journey through sights that the usual visitor may never see. April / may 2014

This photographic exhibit is not focused on what the museum has to display, but on the museum itself. The goal is to show with new perspectives some of the activities often hidden to the visitors.

In the backstage of a museum, there may be some strange sightings...

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The museum would to thank the artists:
Stefano Bombardieri
Mustafa Sabbagh
Dacia Manto
Marco Caselli Myotis

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