Hayward Annual 1977: Part 1 and Part 2

Hayward Gallery

Hayward Gallery, Part 1: 25 May – 4 July 1977 and Part 2: 20 July – 4 September 1977

The First Hayward Annual 
In 1976 the Hayward Gallery resolved to stage an annual exhibition of British art. The stated aim of these exhibitions, which would be selected by a different small group of artists or critics each year, was to ‘present a cumulative picture of British art as it develops.’ The first Hayward Annual, held in 1977, was selected by Michael Compton (a curator who was working for Tate at the time), painter Howard Hodgkin (1932–2017) and sculptor William Turnbull (1922–2012). 
Hayward Annual Part 1 
The first Hayward Annual was held in two parts, with fifteen artists selected for each section. Michael Compton, speaking on behalf of the selection committee, described their approach as ‘flagrantly partial’. 

The artists included in Part 1 were: Frank Auerbach, Anthony Caro, Patrick Caulfield, Bernard Cohen, Hamish Fulton, Nigel Hall, John Hoyland, Allen Jones, John Latham, Kim Lim, Kenneth Martin, Keith Milow, Nicholas Monro, Peter Phillips and William Turnbull.

Each artist was represented by new or recent work and was given an entire ‘room’ – each one roughly the same size – in which to establish ‘his or her own character as an artist.’

The unequal male-female ratio of this first annual was addressed the following year by the all-female selection committee consisting of Rita Donagh, Tessa Jaray, Liliane Lijn, Kim Lim and Gillian Wise.

Hayward Annual Part 2
Part 2 of the Hayward Annual 1977 featured Peter Blake, Stuart Brisley, Stephen Buckley, Victor Burgin, Michael Craig-Martin, Robyn Denny, Barry Flanagan, Anthony Hill, John Hilliard, David Hockney, Howard Hodgkin, R.B. Kitaj, Bob Law, Eduardo Paolozzi and The Theatre of Mistakes (consisting of Michael Greenall, Anthony Howell, Glenys Johnson, Peter Strickland and Fiona Templeton). 

The second part of Hayward Annual 1977 was better received than the first, and gained almost twice the number of visitors: 25,481 compared to Part 1’s 13,786.

Press and Audience Response 
BBC reporter and TV personality Fyfe Robertson made an inflammatory film about Part 1 of the Hayward Annual for his TV programme Robbie. Following the airing of that programme, the Arts Council held a public debate about the Hayward Annual, in which the selectors were invited to defend their choice of artists. Although the artists and artworks came under fire, critics welcomed the idea of an annual exhibition of British art. For John McEwan, writing in the Telegraph, the idea was ‘excellent and long overdue.’
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