Human Cultures Hall

National Museum of Natural Science

Human Cultures Hall
The Human Cultures Hall includes six main areas: Chinese Medicine, Chinese Science and Technology, Agricultural Ecology, Ancient Chinese, The Spiritual Life of Han People, The Culture of Taiwan Austronesian and Oceania.

Many scientific developments and technological advancements emerged in China, hundreds or even thousands of years earlier than in Europe. Some Chinese inventions have been improved on, and are still in use today.This exhibit area attempts to trace Chinese scientific and technological achievements through the use of relics and historical records.

On display are 249 cultural objects including carved statues, eating utensils, canoes, weapons, ornaments and masks, etc., with emphasis on the material culture of Papua New Guinea. The majority of objects were collected by the late Max Liu and his son Ning-sheng Liu and donated to the museum.

This exhibition area introduces the history and traditions of these tribes and sheds light on their current situations and expectations for the future to highlight the distinct and diverse cultures of Taiwan.

National Museum of Natural Science
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