The visual force of color and the study of urban spaces

The delicate colours Alberonero employs as an artist remind the retinal receptive fields used by Paul Klee: the shapes of the countryside this artist painstakingly recreates for his installations arise from there.

Albeit colours are the true protagonists of his works of art, Alberonero keeps a direct and sentimental relationship with reality.

The interplay of the lines, the shapes, often only suggested and the brave juxtaposition of hues and colours all bear witness to gue's huge sense of composition.

Colours are the aesthetic protagonists, but also the structural and emotional cornerstone of the works of art Gue creates, suggesting to the onlookers' gaze to enter the smallest portion of a bigger, livable space.

The games Corn79 plays with the eye and perceptions of the people observing his art arise from the dialogue the forms he uses strike with space, from the juxtaposition of essential geometry and several modules, be they open or closed, irradiating photons of colour.

The whole of the works of art produced by Corn79 is enhanced by strong chromatic features, as if they were a signature  marking purposefully, and with a significant degree of mastery, those forms he usually produces digitally.

Unfinished circles, broken lines and traces of color. Precision and instinct, The art  Rmogrl8120 produces analyzes and then reduces reality as she perceives it, intertwined with urban contexts.

Rmogrl8120 highlights the effects colours have  and the limitless possibilities forms have to combine, with a full, wide resonance between curves, angular lines and stains.

The art of  Giulio Vesprini arises from a mix of techniques and materials showing the manual skills usually connected with artisans from the Marche region of Italy and the futuristic vision of graphic designers.

Giulio Vesprini uses spray cans, paint brushes and paint rollers together with monosyllables and colours, whole words or signs, as if they were new formations for an ancient lettering.

Credits: All media
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