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Sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer

The social project of the Sanctuary of Christ the Redeemer

The project
The Sanctuary Christ the Redeemer aims to express the compassion of Christ, exemplified by the Catholic Church, through solidarity actions. The Christ Redeemer Sanctuary approaches the people, humanizes and shares that all of us, as brothers and equal in front of God, have rights. Bringing this to the evident social inequality in the city of Rio de Janeiro, The Sanctuary Christ the Redeemer develops the Action of Love of Christ the Redeemer. The Action has the latent concern of reaching the people who suffer problems related to the health, housing, work, education, and to the basic real conditions of human existence.

For this purpose we support and develop social actions providing services in a preventive way, through common social efforts and totally free, facilitating free access to a basic network of social services, talks, and cultural and recreational activities.
It's a way to generate new opportunities for the people to give their first step to improve the quality of their life.

To list the activities that will be offered free of charge in each neighborhood and to forecast the real interest from the population, a data collection is done by specifying the main needs of the region.

A deeper analysis, which indicates the actual development of the population of the neighborhood, makes clear the necessity of welfare social policies that will truly provide the transformation. The human development rate is below the municipal human development index, specially regarding the services for the elderly, young people and women.

The Action of Love of Christ the Redeemer promotes free activities in the areas of Health, Education, Social Welfare and citizenship. Through common efforts and cooperation between the citizens and teams of specialized professionals of public and private institutions, we are expanding the possibilities of assistance, facilitating the social action of these institutions and developing their consciousness about their rights and duties.

Beauty and esthetic, documentation, social assistance, guidance, psychology, preventive health care, dental care and help to disabled people are the focus of our project.

Social transformation with love to your neighbor.

Some of the actions included in preventive care health are: serologic testing for hepatitis, measurement of blood pressure, blood glucose tests, screening preventive tests for breast cancer, eye exams and talks about Dengue and child health.

We also organize activities like offering identity card by the Secretary of Municipal Social Assistance. There is also vocational guidance, social security guidance and advice on consumer's, elderly's, women's and homeless's rights.

For children there are available several activities of amusement, music performances, workshops of theater, dental care and others.

Many neighborhoods such as Cidade de Deus, Complexo do Alemão and Realengo have been attended by the Action.

When solidarity comes, the transformation takes place.

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